About Alice

My name is Alice Labaton, born and raised in Brooklyn NY. After graduating High School I attended Brooklyn College on an Engineering scholarship and after attending a year of school realized that my passion was not in engineering but rather in BEAUTY!! The following year I attended beauty school and graduated with an Aesthetics license.

So enough about me, here’s how My Makeup Brushes came about:

On a beautiful spring day in 2009 my friend called me to blow off some steam about his nieces and nephews. They were sleeping by him for the holidays and accidentally used his toothbrush instead of their own, YUCK!! He proceeded to say that someone should make toothbrushes with names on them to avoid confusion.

That night, I dreamed about his personalized tooth brush and then something clicked in the beauty school part of my brain and 3 months later My Makeup Brushes was born.

My Makeup Brushes offers a unique twist to the common accessory, high quality custom engraved makeup brush sets for individuals as well as companies.

I hope you enjoy your make up brushes as much as I enjoy making them, prepare to be beautified; Happy Shopping!!


Alice Labaton

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