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Personalized Italian Badger Brush Set
Personalized Italian Badger Brush Set
Italian Badger Snake Skin Brush Set

Italian Badger Snake Skin Brush Set

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An elegant design using faux snake skin pattern in black. This bag contains 15 makeup application brushes with lacquered wood handles and nickel ferrules. The brush hair and tool ends are Italian Badger, soft and amazing!
Set includes: 

Large powder brush
Smaller powder brush
Flat bronzer brush
Angle Blush brush
Foundation brush
Oval Camouflage Brush
Large Shadow/blender brush
Deluxe Oval Shadow Brush
Precision Crease brush
Angle Fluff brush
Metal Lash Groomer
Eye liner brush
Lash Spoolie brush
Taklon Lip brush
Stiff Brow brush


    Customer Reviews

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    Timothy Jackson
    Great product

    As a gift to my wife she thouroghly enjoys them. Top quality for someone that takes their makeup application serious. Personalized by the addition of her name to each brush made it special.

    Hard to find, GREAT quality!

    When my face powder brush needed replacing, I tried to find another animal hair brush which I find to be superior to synthetic brushes. After buying and returning 2 synthetic powder brushes that were sold to me as animal hair brushes (from two MAJOR chains), I went online and found this one; it's perfect.The seller was amazingly helpful and, unlike the department store clerks, actually knew her products.