Turquoise Synthetic Brush Set

Stylish turquoise brush case with turquoise lining and protective brush flap. This case contains 10 makeup application brushes with matching turquoise wooden handles and nickel ferrules.
The hairs are all synthetic, which means man-made. The benefits of these brushes are many. They can work on both wet and dry applications. They are anti-bacterial and do not absorb any product. They are also Vegan.
Set includes: 
  • Powder dome brush
  • Rounded contour brush
  • Foundation brush
  • Oval shadow brush
  • Blender shadow brush
  • Fluff shadow brush
  • Concealer brush
  • Precision crease brush
  • Angle liner brush
  • Lip brush

      $ 105.00

      Type: Full Set    
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      Personalized Vegan Turquoise Makeup Brush Set
      Personalized Vegan Turquoise Makeup Brush Set