The Best Winter Weather Makeup Tips To Keep You Glowing

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Is This Wintery Weather Wreaking Havoc On your Look?

We all know cold, dry weather conditions are the ultimate beauty adversary. Your skin gets dull and flaky, lips get chapped and blistered and eyes get teary. Some of us whose idea of winter glow doesn't involve planes to tropical places have to actually adjust our skin care and makeup routine instead to accommodate the dry, cold, sharp winter weather. It's not just your fall and winter wardrobe that needs changing for the colder months; your makeup and skin care also need a refresher. We've rounded up the top makeup and skin care tips that will help keep your angelic glow through the depths of winter. 

Moisturizer is your best friend. 

While you may think of this as a skin care tip, it actually has to be a step in your makeup routine as well. It's the best way to achieve a dewy, glow-y complexion. Spend a little extra time massaging in the moisturizers to help plump up your skin and boost your natural glow. Be generous and don't forget your neck! No matter what you use, just make sure it's absorbed before you start putting on your makeup.

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Stick with cream products.

Powders can make skin look duller and can further dry out already dry skin. The only thing worse than flaky skin is when your foundation highlights the flakes. Find a foundation with a creamier base that will glide smoothly over your skin. Same goes for highlighter since you want it to be glow boosting without the potential of drying your skin out. Cream blush and eyeshadow are also your best friend in the winter months, not to mention that they actually have longer staying powder than their powder partners. They also don't settle into flaky skin and make you look drier; they keep you dew, fresh-looking and help achieve that perfect glow in a weatherproof package.  

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Tear-proof your eye makeup.

Wintery winds, rain, sleet and snow can cause makeup meltdowns. I know I always tear on my walk to the train the mornings. The last thing I want to think about is "is my mascara running down my face?" The best way to ensure your mascara stay in its place is to weather-proof and seal it in. First apply your favorite non-waterproof mascara to coat and protect your lashes. Then apply a waterproof formula to reduce the risk of makeup migration. 

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Perfect your pout.

If you haven't read our blog post from last week, it's definitely worth a read; What Is Causing Your Chapped Lips This Winter SeasonIf you don't know this about us just yet, we are all about the lips. This winter, try putting away those matte colors and leave them for the summer. It's also important to exfoliate your lips to get rid of all of the dry, dead skin so you can wear a gorgeous lipstick without any fear. If you're out having fun and you feel your lips starting to get dry, instead of slathering on another layer of the drying lipstick, throw a tinted lip balm on instead. It will keep the color you have on your lips while hydrating them at the same time. 

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