Who Should Really Wear a Berry Lip?

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Summer-To-Fall, Fashion Week Ready

One of the most versatile products in your makeup bad is lipstick. Why, you ask? Well, there's no other product that gives you as many different finishes, and one swipe is all you need to transform or create your entire look. With fall and fashion MONTH on its way in, now is the time to experiment. Retire your pinks and bright shades and pick up a deep, sultry berry. In my opinion, berry lips are the sexiest trend this fall. The best part about wearing a deep lip? It allows you to keep the rest of your makeup really simple. Berry tones are often the most flattering when it comes to lipstick choices. They tend to work well with all skin tones, and a bonus? They make your teeth look amazingly white. We all know there's a fine line between looking vampy and looking like a vampire. We've paired it all down for you to not feel overwhelmed when it comes to sporting this awesome look.

Pick Your Berry

Blueberry, raspberry, blackberry - what's your jam? It all depends on your skin tone - as always! For lighter skin, choose a darker hue that is buildable and sheer. Medium skin can get away with a lot when it comes to berry lips. Dark skin should choose and deep color that will really stand out from their skin tone - like a full body wine (my favorite!) with rich red undertones. 

Keep Lips Juicy

If you have thin lips, now is the time to accentuate them. Dark lipsticks tend to make your lips appear smaller, so make sure to start with a lip pencil in the same shade as your lipstick. Fill out the lip ever so slightly while blending it in to ensure you color your full lip. Dab a lighter colored lipstick or highlighter in the center of your lips and on your cupids bow to give your lips a fuller appearance. 

Let's Get Cheeky

Don't forget your cheeks! If you do, you make look like a character that came out of a Tim Burton movie. The key to wearing a berry lip is to keep the rest of your face looking fresh and glowy. While you should keep your makeup to a minimum, you do need to give your face a little dimension by applying a complementary shade of blush on the apples of your cheeks. If you're feeling sassy, apply some false lashes and mascara and you're ready to attend Fashion Week!


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