5 Top Ways to Wear White Eyeliner

Bella Hadid wearing White Eyeliner | My Makeup Brushes

How to get really, really big-looking eyes in five seconds.

So 2019's biggest summer trend is here and we're not mad because, hello! It's white eyeliner. We know, you've been seeing white & nude liners around and it has you thinking, should I leave my comfort zone for this? We agree with you there, some trends are worth skipping like feathered brows but this one is here to stay. Though the color (or lack thereof) may seem scary at first, it's actually magical once you start to use it. Light colored eyeliner is a foolproof way to help create the illusion of big eyes. *Queue up the Maybelline commercial* Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's white liner. Another great thing about white eyeliner is that it pops on all skin tones. There are SO many uses for white eyeliners and we're here to help you get over your fear and dive into using this powerful color. 

Perk Up Tired Eyes

Applying some white liner right in your waterline will instantly give you a perked up look. Nobody has to know you're hung over after a night of drinking. The white liner accentuates the eye shape and is the classic way to rock the white liner trend. 

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Create Fuller Lips

Applying a little white to your cupids bow and blending it with your finger will give your lids a fuller look. It creates a 3-D effect and causing them to look fuller and tempting.

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Define Brows

One of the best tricks using either white eyeliner or a highlighter is if you forget or don't have time to get your brows done and have some stray hairs, put some white eyeliner or highlighter right over your brow bone for immediate coverage. Make sure to smudge out the line so the harsh edges disappear. 

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Brighten up Eyes

Aside from perking up your tired eyes (like we said above), we can also brighten and really highlight them. Apply a little white eyeliner to the inner corner of your eyes, smudge it using your ring finger and voila! Instant brightness. 

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Make Them Pop

Before applying eye shadow, apply a layer of white eyeliner to the lid of your eyes. Blend it in. Now, go back in and apply your eye shadow normally. The base of white liner will make your eye shadow more intense, really give it that wow factor and make the eye shadow last longer -- can you say win!

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