Bar Refaeli - How to waterproof your makeup
Summer is something we look forward to all year. Sun's out, tan bodies, beach weather but it can be rough, even detrimental for those of us who love wearing makeup. Hot weather may be ruthless when it comes to makeup; sweaty, humid, and just general mugginess all make for one melting mug shot. Whether you want to keep your brows in place, the blush on your cheeks, or your foundation smooth, we've got you covered. 

Lighten Up

You're going for the minimalist look, you want to get that gorgeous bronzed goddess look. In order to catch some rays, you have to lighten up on your makeup application. Try switching out your heavy foundation and concealers for lighter more breathable products like tinted moisturizers or BB creams.

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Apply Powder

If you absolutely cannot live without your foundation, make sure to set your foundation with powder. Using setting powder instantly waterproofs your foundation and will keep your makeup lasting longer through a day on the beach with no problem. 

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Stain It

The best way to look fresh and youthful is with a good blush. A powder blush will fade or smudge when you're out at the beach or by the pool. Try a cheek stain instead! Work a stain blush into your skin and set it with a little blush powder to give you a little bump in color. 

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Avoid Highlighter

We know, we know, you want that dewy looking skin. Well, good thing the sun's out, because it will do just that. You don't want to add too much highlighter, if any at all, because you may end up looking like a disco ball in the sun. A hint of glow is perfect but anything with too much shimmer with make you look shinier.

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Set It

Setting spray is a guaranteed way to make any foundation waterproof. They help prevent makeup from moving and sliding around all day long. They lock in the moisture while keeping your skin looking fresh. If you feel dry at all throughout the day, a face mist will do the trick to hydrate and keep you sealed in. 

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Layer Mascara

In general this is best practices. One of the reason we love to layer mascara, especially in the summer is because waterproof mascaras tend to be very drying. The best way to protect your lashes is the start with a non-waterproof formula and follow that with a waterproof mascara so you have a layer of protection first and when it comes to removing the product, it will slide off much easier. 

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