Joan Small Underliner
Breaking the internet these days is celebrities turning their smoky eye makeup upside down; just check out the gorgeous Joan Smalls (pictured above). The best part of this trend is that it's totally wearable, a little bit edgy and easy to recreate. You've nailed the cat-eye technique, created that sultry smoky lid, and perfected the voluminous flutter, now it's time you focus on your lower lash line. The best thing to remember about underliner is that it's not strictly black or white looks. Incorporating color into this new found real estate is just so much fun and a must. The key to nailing this look is to make sure you're using the right liner, shadow formulation or you may end up looking like a hot mess. Focus on emphasizing this one feature with a strong shot of color while leaving the rest of your face neutral is a great way to elevate your look. 

Blur it Out

When working on the waterline, you want to make sure not to have such a harsh line. Whether you decide to go over your liner with shadow (which can also work to set your liner) or just blending the eyeliner; your end result a soft, diffused, beautiful blend. 

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Give it Length

Sometimes going from corner to corner is just too bold and can stunt your eye shape. If you want to elongate your eye, bring in a matte or satin shade and then brighten your eye with a shimmery shade added to the inner corner. 

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Ease into it

If the above all seem scary and intimidating, fear not. Adding a swipe of color to just your lower lash line not only gives you a little bit of an edgy look but it will also make your eyes appear wider. Go with bold colored shadows to start and once you're comfortable, ease into adding ones with a little shimmer or sheen so when they catch the light, it will make your eyes look more open.

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Find Your Shade

Although you probably see a lot of people using different shades of blue to achieve this look. Pull out your color wheel and go for a shade opposite your eye color to really get that pop. For example, blue eyes work amazing with an aubergine liner, cobalt blue makes brown eyes pop, and pink is the perfect match if you have green eyes. 

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Add Layers of Fun

I like to first start with an eyeliner pencil and then to maximize the liner staying power, go back in with an eye shadow and layer right on top. Depending on what look I'm going for I would either layer a similar shade of eye shadow on top of the liner and blur the line just a bit to set the liner or go in with a deeper color to really smoke out that line a bit. 

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Mattify it

If you're still pushing back on all of the above and you fear of smearing liner, simply opt for a matte shadow which will stay in place much better than a creamy liner. 

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