Foolproof Guide to Treat and Cover Your Pimple

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So you have a big date tonight? Well, looks like your skin has other plans. A nicely, large pesky zit decided to come along and bring some baggage, you know, the under eye kind that won't fit in the overhead bin; you have to check that kind of baggage. No matter how big or small, there's nothing pretty about dealing with many, let alone one blemish on your face. Fair warning though, this may be one of the least glamorous beauty stories you'll read today, but it's probably the most useful and will leave you feeling more glamorous. We all know that feeling when the pimple is starting to form. Questions begin to swirl around, was it because I had pizza last night? Maybe my makeup is too heavy and clogged my pores? Why does it look so much worse in this lighting? Sometimes, a pimple is just unavoidable, it's what you do next that will make all the difference. All pimples are not created equal, so we've created a guide to help you treat and conceal every pimple without angering them and making them worse. 


You know what these are. They are exactly what they sound like; a tiny white package left on your doorstep. No matter how wicked a whitehead may be, there are a couple of ways to conceal its appearance. If you have the time, go in there and extract the whitehead before concealing it. Apply a primer to the area to act as a protective barrier between the whitehead and your makeup to prevent the makeup from further upsetting it, leaving you with a cake-free finish. Once the primer is dry, you can then go in and apply some concealer. 

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Blackheads are similar to whiteheads except they are generally not raised and the oil that has built up actually oxidized, making it a darker color. If you regularly deal with blackheads, then you know, the struggle is real. Since blackheads are caused by clogged pores, it only makes sense to exfoliate first in order to get rid of them. Following that, use a primer, as that will act as a protective barrier for your skin, so the makeup doesn't seep and clog it again. Primers will also keep your makeup in place all day long. 

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When your clogged pores get inflamed and instead of just being red, there's a big white head up top, tempting you to squeeze it; DON'T. Not only will it cause scarring, but a popped zit is always harder to cover up than a fresh one. If you must pop it, do it at night and apply a spot treatment so that by the morning it's ready to go. Because these have a raised texture, you want to use a drier, cream concealer so it will absorb and grip the oily bump better. In order the make the concealer stick, use some toner first and dust it with translucent powder. Apply the concealer directly onto your pimple, dab with your finger to blend and set with translucent powder. 

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Cystic Acne

These are so, extremely painful. Cystic acne can be covered up but we recommend using a cocktail of products; taking a multi-layered approach. Find a primer that contains salicylic acid so it can treat the pimple as you go about your day. Once the primer sets, apply your go-to concealer on top and set it with translucent powder so it doesn't cake up. 

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Pimple on its way out

Your pimple finally decided it's time to part ways but before it does, it has to make a grand exit. You find that the skin around the actual spot where the pimples was is now dry and flaky. When a pimple is at this stage, it's best to not apply concealer directly to it. If you do, it will draw attention to the dry, flaky area and won't allow the pimple to breathe and heal properly. Apply a good, hydrating moisturizer to keep the area dewy. Go in with your concealer and apply it around the area, bringing the redness down. Again, you want to keep the skin happy and hydrated.

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