Travel beauty bag

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, going home for the holidays is a must! Whether traveling by plane, train, or automobile, the art of "getting there" wreaks havoc on our skin. Worse yet, you arrive and your skin is drier than the turkey on the table. With our tips and tricks below, prepare for your best flight yet. 

  • Pack on the serum. Using a serum under your moisturizer helps lock in any extra moisture which you need for the long flight. Serum is meant to deliver powerful ingredients directly to your skin and deliver a high concentration of active ingredients. We recommend packing on a moisturizer, face lotion or cream on top of the serum to really set yourself up and keep all the good stuff in. 
  • Pack products that multi-task. Think about using a tinted cream stain and use it for both your lip & cheek. Also, if you haven't yet tried bb cream, now you will. Most bb creams act as a skin perfecter, primer, moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation, making it a multitasking superstar. 
  • Bring water. Plane air is very drying; hydrate is key to keeping your body and skin lubricated and avoid drying out. There's nothing worst than showing up to your mom's house tired, your complexion is dull and flaky (we're talking about your skin). Don't rely on those tiny plastic cups the flight attendants give you, buy a big water bottle in the airport, or better yet, bring your own refillable water bottle and ask your flight attendant to fill it up before take off. 
  • Makeup brushes. Almost as thin as your passport, our travel sized makeup brushes are specifically designed to go places. We even tuck in a few band-aids, Q-tips & packs of Advil so it can double as a first-aid kit. 
  • Carry-on friendly products. You have so many samples from your beauty subscriptions or your free gifts with purchase, now is your chance to use them.

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Products we LOVE:

  1. Benefit, Benetint - Used as a lip & cheek stain. It will give you that rosy, sexy flush complexion along with a kiss-proof, smudge-proof, indelibly sheer tint to your lips.  
  2. Nars, The Multiple - Starts off as a cream and ends as a powder and can be used anywhere; think eye shadow, blush, lips, highlighter. The dewy glow is amazing and the application is so easy you don't even need a mirror.
  3. Nars Mini Blush/Bronzer Duo - If you're really against the creamy products (which are great for hydrating you skin on a long flight), we love this powder duo. 
  4. Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer With SPF- Gives you that natural looking glow that lasts longer than any other lotion.
  5. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream - Calms, protects & hydrates skin for that long flight.
  6. Urban Decay 'Naked' 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil - Scribble it over your lids and smudge it with your finger to get a shadow like look. Lightly color your brows and you can even use it for a little bit of contour. 
  7. Smashbox Try It Kit - If you don't have any travel sized products, Smashbox sell a collection of the products for face, eyes & lips in an irresistible try-me size. 

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