A Fool-Proof Guide to Fixing Your Tan Lines

Rachel Bilson How to fix a bad tan line by My Makeup Brushes
So you've been applying sunscreen and still got sunburned. We've already helped you figure out how to soothe that sunburn fast but what about the lasting effects of that dreadful tan line? You now have more stripes than a zebra across your torso or maybe it's the Bond girl halter look. Remember, just because you can't reach certain places on your body, doesn't mean the sun can't. How do we get that beach-bronzed and even tone, despite wearing all of those fashion-forward bathing suits? If you haven't yet gotten those tan line problems, there's still a lot of summer to go, so bookmark this page for later (you will definitely thank us) to quickly reference these effective tan line eliminators. 

Self Tanner

If you have at least a week to get rid of those tan lines, buy yourself a gradual self tanner lotion. These gradual formulas which darken over the course of several days (instead of hours) are the most foolproof, natural looking way to clear up your tan lines. Jergens is a great gradual formula. If you don't have days, opt for St. Tropez and paint the lotion heavily onto your tan lines being as meticulous as possible. Leave overnight and then shower it off. 

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Make sure your skin is clean and thoroughly exfoliated by using a loofah or washcloth and a good body scrub. Doing this daily will also help fade your unfortunate tan quicker. When you skin is really dry, then go back in and apply a moisturizer. Worth noting - repeat the exfoliate, lotion routine daily until tan lines are not noticeable. But make sure to only exfoliate the too-dark areas, or you'll be undoing your work. 

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Mix a liquid bronzer with your daily body moisturizer and smooth it over the pale area to help further blend away your tan lines. Make sure to set it with a dusting of powder bronzer or translucent powder. Finish it off with a spritz of makeup setting spray. 

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You know that the existing tan lines are due to sun exposure. If you go out in the sun again without the proper use of sunscreen, it will only worsen the situation and make you tanner. Make sunscreen part of your daily routine because protecting yourself from both UVA and UVB rays indirectly helps get rid of your tan lines. 

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