7 Genius Hacks That Will Soothe Your Sunburn Fast

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Summer's finally here. With New York weather spiking over 90 degrees almost every day, we can't help but think about all the people walking out without SPF in their bags and on their bodies. Just in case we have to reiterate: Sunscreen is the most important part of any beauty routine. Even the most devoted sunscreen wearers have slip-ups now and then and end up getting burned. While you can't go back in time, there are always ways to help relieve the uncomfortable sting of a sunburn. Next time you're baked-to-a-crisp, you'll be happy that you prepared yourself for the worst by knowing how to treat it, and heal the damage. 

Shaving Cream:

One of the craziest things that we've seen in the last week go viral is Cindi Allen-Stewart's post about using Gillette Foamy Menthol to treat your already sunburn body. She advises to apply the shaving cream directly on the burn, the same way you would moisturizer. Let it sit on your skin and bring the heat out. You may feel itchy which means it's healing. Leave the cream on for thirty minutes and if it's not gone by then, you may need to do another application tomorrow. While this may sound crazy, it really isn't. If you think about it, menthol helps cool the skin, this will help calm the discomfort of the burn. If the shaving cream has aloe, that will also act as an anti-inflammatory and relieve the irritation. 

If you want to pass on the shaving cream hack, we have a few alternatives for you.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that will help heal your burn. Fill a spray bottle with half water, half vinegar and spritz away for some instant relief.

Aloe Vera:

Not just any aloe vera, we're talking about aloe vera ice cubes. The moisture from the aloe vera soothes while the coldness of the ice cube provides temporary relief. 

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Milk-Based Moisturizer:

Make sure to keep your skin hydrated. This will help prevent it from peeling and can help soothe sunburns. Apply liberally and often. 

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This may sound trite but one of the best and most effective ways is to take ibuprofen (like Advil or Motrin) with lots of water to reduce swelling, inflammation, and redness. You can also crush a few aspirin tablets into a powder, add a bit of water to create a paste. Spread the mixture on top of your burn, and gently rinse it off after a few minutes. 


Get to a shower, rinse off with cool water to soothe skin and remove any chlorine, salt water or sand that may be lingering and causing more irritation. Keep your skincare routine ultra-calming and gentle for the next couple of days. 

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DO NOT POP THEM! If your sunburn is so bad that it begins to blister, make sure not to pop them because they are your body's way of creating a natural barrier to help your skin heal. 

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