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Congrats - you've officially entered Christmas week; party-time! Even if you only have one or two on your calendar, by the time January rolls around, you're just about ready to hang up the dresses, put away the red lipsticks, throw on those comfy sweatpants, turn on Netflix and chill. There is one thing you can always rely on this holiday season to keep you looking insanely gorgeous, the all amazing smoky-eye. The classic smoky eye can be daunting, so we've broken it down for you. 

Prime your lids

A little bit of primer goes a long way, stay smudge-free. Eyelid primer is crucial to creating the perfect smoky-eye look. This will ensure your shadows and eyeliners stay put and don't smear. To keep your shadow from budging, gently pat some primer over your lids and under your eyes to ensure your makeup stays put all night long. 

Line your entire eye with pencil

Keep as close to the lash line as possible. Make the line thinner at the inner corners and thicker towards the outside. The color should not extend too much further than your lower lashes. A great start is to tightline your upper inner rims.

Smudge the line using a brush 

and keep smudging until you reach your desired level of smoke. Do not sweep one dark shadow all over your lids, get strategic about where you're placing the pigment. Remember a smoky eye should not have any harsh lines, it should be softly blended at the edges. 

Don't forget about the bottom

If all of the above seems too much, focus on your lower lash line. Take a little powder using an angled liner brush and go right into and on top of the eyeliner and smudge a little lower than you actually think. Make it really dark at the lash line but soften it up and take it lower than you're usually comfortable with. This will also set the eyeliner you put on earlier. 

Clean up after yourself

Using a Q-tip with some eye makeup remover, run it through the outer lines to keep your smoky-eye in line and give it a more polished look. Keep the color near the lashes, then brighten the area by applying a little highlighter on the inner corners near your tear ducts. 

Curl your lashes

So the smoky part is perfect, not for the flirty part. Using an eyelash curler, gently clamp down at the base of your lashes, hold for five seconds and release. This will add sultry to your smoky eye. 

Finish it off with mascara

No smoky eye is complete without lush, long, bat-worthy lashes. Just like with the smoky eye, layering is key to achieving mascara perfection! Apply your first coat of mascara, then some translucent powder and then layer on another coat of mascara for good measure. 

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