Battling Smile Lines? Here's Everything You Need to Know

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Wrinkle Lines Make You Look More Sincere.

While that may be true, there is something to be said about the youth movement. The sad but true fact is that the first signs of aging tend to show up earlier than we ever realized but the right treatments can make all the difference. Laugh lines are no laughing matter, especially if you want your skin to be baby smooth and wrinkle free. And the most annoying part about the smile lines? Watching your setting powder make a cozy home in there! We don't recommend forgoing laughter for the sake of skincare (yes, there was a woman who hasn't smiled in forty years to avoid wrinkles read HERE). We actually encourage smiling -- it's known to boost your immune system, relieve pain, and lower stress levels. Yes, you are taking the risk in creating a parenthesis around the sides of your mouth but there alternatives to help battle this. Going under the needle always reigns supreme but if you wince at the thought, you're reading the right article. 

The Cause

Smile lines often occur due to a loss of volume that happens naturally with age. There are other factors that contribute to creating these deep lines that are not just your general wear and tear. Not wearing sunscreen daily causes sun damage. The skin on and around your lips are very thin and delicate, make sure to keep applying sunscreen because it constantly gets rubbed off when you use a napkin or lick your lips. Drastic weight loss or gain affects the natural collagen in your face which diminishes the fat pockets that give you the plump, youthful look. Other causes include not keeping yourself hydrated, not sleeping enough, dental problems - the teeth are no longer supporting the overlying tissue which causes your crease to deepen. Sipping through a straw and making your lips purse frequently can do a number on the skin around your mouth over time. But the #1 cause is smoking. Not only are you making the pursed lip but it is also one of the external causes that make laugh lines around the mouth more visible.

Finding a Treatment

A great skincare routine for maintenance and further prevention is necessary. Make sure you are apply daily sunscreen, this will help preserve your natural collagen and help prevent worsening the lines. Applying a good nightly skin cream with collagen stimulating ingredients, think antioxidants, peptides and retinoids will help prevent the smile lines from getting deeper and avoid forming new lines. If you need a sign, here's your sign -- STOP SMOKING! Remember, topical skincare products can act as a strategic preventative measure but it can't reverse the lines that have already formed. Some of our favorite products are listed below:

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