8 Tips About Radiant Skin That Will Impress Your Friends

Facts About Radiant Skin That Will Impress Your Friends

It's Time to Get Glowing

I always wanted to be the person that people look to for radiant, glowing skin. Well, I must be doing something right because it's only 4:00pm today and I already got two comments from unattached people complimenting me on my radiant skin (and one was a guy)! Does this sound familiar? You want skin that looks bright, fresh, dewy, and lit from within - but you don't want to slather on foundation in this heat? I feel the same way! I know you think you need a professional makeup artist at home to really achieve this but the truth is, you don't. Don't get me wrong, a matte finish definitely has its place in the world of beauty but for now, I am all about the highlight, youthful, glow. I never knew I wanted to look dewy until social media told me I should look dewy. I've detailed out my top tips that will make you have the perfect, glassy skin to make your friends jealous. 

Tip #1: Hydration is the key to life

This may seem trite but if you're not drinking enough water you're going to have dull skin. Excess salt from the night before results in the body retaining water and shifting fluids around. Furthermore, if you are not drinking enough water, you become dehydrated. Make sure to get in your 8 glasses of water each and every single day. 

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Tip #2: Prep your skin the night before

Having a skincare routine at night is crucial to helping you achieve the dewy, glow look. You can pack on as much makeup as you want, but if your skin isn't fresh, the makeup will never make you look youthful. This includes washing your face nightly. Make sure to get all of your makeup off before you hit the sheets. Your body repairs itself overnight, so letting your skin breathe allows for your skin to repair and get radiant for your morning wake-up call. 

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Tip #3: Invest in a good moisturizer and serum

You can skip other things in your skincare routine but having a good serum and moisturizer are my top 2 necessities and something I attribute my radiant glow to every single day. Regarding a moisturizer, I find using a heavier one for at night and a lightweight for during the day has been my go-to these days. 

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Tip #4: Use a roller

Using a jade or rose quartz roller to apply my serum (which I started using 3 months ago) has to have put me over the top when it comes to the epitome of dewiness. Rollers are really good for cooling and calming the skin. It also allows you to access into muscles and tissue and encourages lymphatic drainage while also boosting collagen. 

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Tip #5: Mask weekly

Giving yourself a regular day of the week, like #skincaresunday, where you focus on your skins needs. If it needs hydration, through a hydration mask on. Looking dull? Exfoliating mask it is. Whatever it may be, paying attention to your skins needs are important -- don't forget, you skin is the biggest organ you have. 

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Tip #6: Add dew drops to your moisturizer

Rather than applying a thick layer of foundation daily, I've been applying a drop of my highlighter dew drops to my highlighter. Using a beauty blender, I make sure it all gets incorporated and mixed together. Once it's all applies, I have an instant, radiant sheen. 

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Tip #7: Add some inner-corner highlight

I bet you've never thought about your tear ducts, well, I'm about to change that for you. Applying a little highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes is a classic trick to make your eyes look more awake. Make your tear ducts gleam like most people's cheekbones. 

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Tip #8: Add some more highlighter

Now for your cheeks! Pat and blend some highlighter above the cheekbone, bring it up to your temple. Keep with this application and go down the bridge of your nose and on your cupid's bow. To accent a dewy skin affect, I like to keep the rest of my makeup to a minimum. 

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