How to Have Your Prettiest Summer Yet

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Even though we only have two months left of summer, it still leaves us with enough time to have the prettiest summer yet. There are some beauty staples that you can transition seamlessly from season to season; cat-eye, red lip, sunscreen infused base. Others require a slight adjustment or upgrade for each new season; you wouldn't slather on the same thick moisturizer you wear all winter long in the summer months. Summer weather inspires our desire for different looks; glowy/dewy skin, the no makeup-makeup look. We've rounded up the top must-use, must-know, must-have beauty tips that will help you achieve that look of your most gorgeous summer yet. 


More than ever, it's so important to use primer in the summer. The oils of your skin are known to separate foundation, causing you to look blotchy and uneven. Finding a primer with SPF is definitely the way to go. The last thing we want is sun damaged skin.

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Seriously, change up your shade! You don't want to be walking around looking like you're wearing foundation that's shades too light for you. As your skin gets that gorgeous, sun-kissed flow (we want to keep all year long), you will need to upgrade your foundation shade and type. You don't want to sit and cover it all up, so finding a great tinted moisturizer a shade or two darker than you usually wear in the winter is going to be your best bet. 

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One of my biggest pet-peeves is watching people apply bronzer to their entire face. WRONG! Bronzer, when used correctly, is supposed to highlight the places where you would usually tan. Forehead, temples, right below the cheekbones, and down the bridge of your nose. 

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Show your lips some love this summer. Make sure to protect them and exfoliate them to avoid the dreadful dry, flaky lip effect that can happen in the summer. Yes, your lips need sunscreen, too. Since the sun can be extremely drying, keep them soft and smooth by using a rich lip balm with SPF.

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Switch to waterproof formulas. There's nothing worse than having your liner or mascara start running down your face midday. With your inner body heat, combined with summer's high heat temperatures, most anything will either end up running or need reapplication. A waterproof liner won't smear or run and can even swim while you're in the pool. 

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Cream eye shadows are meant for the summer; they will change your life. They are more water-resistant and long-wearing than powder shadows. They won't budge through the oils and sweat that will conjure up during the summer heat. 

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Blot or spray, don't smear. If you feel sweaty, take a tissue or blotting paper and blot lightly, don't rub. If you feel like you need a midday refresher, try a refreshing spray to give you that added moisture you're craving without removing your makeup. 

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