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Bonjour! Last month I was in Paris, and obviously one of the stops on my list was La Pharmacie. When my beauty friends found out I was going to Paris, I suddenly got inundated with lists of could you buy me this, could you bring me back that and thought, well, I wonder if everybody knows about these beauty products in France that are just waiting to be discovered. Maybe it's a stereotype, but French women (and men) are famous for their good looks, and now we know why. The country's multi-billion-euro beauty industry is definitely one to thank. Their beauty has always held a certain cool-girl allure. French scientists were the ones who invested beauty staples like dry shampoo and other industry crushers. They've completely mastered the #wokeuplikethis hair better than anyone. They've cornered the market on beautiful skin, red lipstick and just all around beauty. 
In order to try and infuse a bit of this French fabulousness into your everyday lives, we've rounded up our top Parisian picks. You'll be looking like that French model in no time. 


Consider this the Rolls Royce of cleansers. It is a no-rinse, soap-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free, pH-balanced formula that removes even waterproof makeup without irritating your skin. I use it as a nighttime cleansing step to remove the day's makeup. Never splash water on your face again; it's known to strip the skin's oils. If you don't yet have a bottle of this stuff, you need it right now. 

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This dry oil isn't just a body moisturizer. It's a natural, silicone-free, preservative-free oil made for your body, hair and face to nourish, repair and add a subtle glow. It's also useful to help minimize the appearance of stretch marks. Oh, and it's worth mentioning, it smells fantastic. Consider this your answer to all of your dry hair, dry legs, dry anything woes. 

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This ointment was created for women that tend to be dry and chapped. It's colorless, scentless and doesn't leave behind any kind of gloss. It's the French version of Vaseline and can be used on dry patches, sunburns, chapped lips, cracked heels and damaged cuticles. I love to use it on my lips before bed and waking up to a soft, supple pout. 

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There's a reason why this product has a cult following. Whether you decide to go au-naturel or layer makeup on top, it is the best moisturizer in town. The richness of the cream deeply penetrates the skin, making sure it nourishes every crevice and dry patch. It's best known to hydrate without leaving behind any kind of oily, greasy feeling. It's gentle enough for sensitive skin, just a dab of this product will go a long way. 

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Remember my post on face mists? Well, one of my favorite products is, of course, of French decent. Facial mists are totally a French thing. Avene's face mist has low salt content, so you don't need to worry about blotting after your spray it. This spray has the power to rejuvenate oily, dry, or irritated skin overnight. 

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The trailblazer and first ever dry shampoo brand has to be on your list. It uses oat milk to soften the hair which gives it the quality and purity you're looking for. Just a couple of sprays will soak up dirty roots and add volume to your hair. You'll smell as fresh as a newborn baby.

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If you love wine, we know you'll love this brand. Founded on a vineyard, Caudalie uses ingredients grown onsite to create the most luxurious vinotherapy lines of beauty. They are best known for their elixir which is part toner, part serum. It will boost your complexion while also tightening your pores and smooth fine lines. Use it right before bed, first thing in the morning or right after you finish your makeup and it will add a little dew. 

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L'Oreal Paris 

It's all in the name. Aside from their beauty line, have you heard of the Elnett hairspray? It's another one of those products that everyone needs in their collection. This hairspray gives you the strong hold without the stickiness and is more brushable. 

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