People may think, after reading this article that eyeshadow is having an identity crisis but that's not the case at all. Eyeshadow is like having a double agent in your makeup bag. By now you've probably already mastered the smokey-eye looks, but with the right palette and colors, you can do just about anything-- brows, cheekbones, the hairlines the limit! Below are some amazing and shocking tips on how to step up your eyeshadow game. 

Eyeliner: No matter how you want your eyeliner to come out, you can use shadow to achieve that very same look. For a more defined look, dip your brush in a little water (make sure it's not very wet), then dark shadow, and apply as close to the last line as possible and play with it. You can make the line as thick or as thin as you'd like. You also get the flexibility of color, have fun, play around. 

Brows: This one's a no brainer! Using a powder shadow on your brows is genius. Why, you say? Because it gives off a much softer, more natural look; blend away any harsh lines or colors. Matte, powder colors work best for this & use a spoolie brush to soften the edges. Apply using a small angled brush & make short hair-like strokes to get the hair-like feel. Make sure to go a little lighter at first, until you find the right shade that works for your brows. 

Bronzer: If you're not ready to take the plunge and buy a bronzer, use shadow instead. Cream, powder, matte, shiny -- they're all good. Make sure to choose a color that has a yellow, orange, or red undertone to avoid looking washed out. If you opt for a cream formula, best to mix with your moisturizer before applying or you may look like a disco ball. For powder, opt for a powder brush to buff out any extra sparkle that may have been left behind. 

Highlighter: This is a Godsent that we even wrote all about it. Again, the formula here doesn't matter but the same shadow you would apply to your brow bone or tear duct can be used as a highlighter just about anywhere -- specifically the high points of your face; cheekbone, bridge of your nose, cupid's bow. Blend away any obvious lines. 

Contour: Before investing in a whole contouring kit, it's a lot of fun learning the how to using eyeshadow. Using a color two shades darker than your natural skin tone is the right way to start. Go for a neutral, fleshy color and apply it just as you would bronzer, if unsure, we have the solution here. You'll get the same bronzed effect when done right. 

Hairline touch-up: When putting your hair up in a tight pony, you notice that your hairline isn't even. That's where shadow comes in. Using a matte powder shadow that matches your hair color brush using a fluffy brush for your part but a firmer one for your hairline. Thank me later! 

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