5 Mistakes Girls With Great Skin Don't Make

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I Swear Never To Do It Again...

We all know that girl that has the perfect, dewy skin ALL-THE-TIME. She swears to never wash her face and never get a pimple and if you're like me and don't have that crystal clear skin, you;re probably thinking to yourself, what on earth is her secret? Of course, there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach here but we did find some trends that women with clear skin NEVER commit. 

1. Pimple Treatment

Whatever you want to call them, whether it be zits, acne, pimple, blemishes, bottom line? Don't pick at it. We know you know this and probably were told this many times but picking at your pimple is only going to aggravate it, make it last longer and spread the infection causing you get to more pustules or pimples. Try to resist the urge, nobody like the scarring that comes after. Instead, treat your pimple with products that contain salicylic acid or a drying lotion. 

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2. Sleeping With Makeup On

This is definitely something we are all guilty of at least once. As cliché as it sounds, sleeping in your makeup allows for grime and bacteria to seep into your pores and clog them, causing you to break out. If there was only one skincare habit that you adapt in your daily life, let it be this one. Aside from causing you to break out it will also lead to early aging, wrinkles, and dull, dry, dehydrated skin. You don't need a whole skincare routine to get this done, if you're a newbie, start off slow with makeup wipes by your bed and use them before you sleep. 

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3. Daily Sunscreen

Another reason you are prematurely aging is because your skin is being exposed to UV rays, I'm not talking sunbathing UV rays, I'm talking about the incidental exposure when you run out to get lunch. Even when you don't think it's sunny outside, there are still UV rays out. In order to prevent wrinkles and sun damage, wear sunscreen every day. We're talking rain or shine, inside or outside, all day, every day. Wear a minimum of SPF 30 on days when you don't plan on being outdoors and SPF 50 when you plan on spending the day at the beach. Forgetting to do such a simple step will cost you, so don't make a habit of it. 

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4. Over-Exfoliating

While exfoliating is great, when you exfoliate too much, you are actually damaging your skin. If you're exfoliating once a day, that's way too often. You're aggressively scrubbing your skin and removing anything productive your skin may have accomplished overnight. Too much exfoliation causes dry, flaky, dehydrated skin and even damages the natural barrier your skin creates to protect itself. Obviously, we aren't saying not to exfoliate but try to find a less abrasive exfoliating treatment and only exfoliate once or twice a week. 

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5. Diet and Exercise

You are what you eat. If you sit and gorge on junk food, it will show in your skin. What we eat on a daily basis have a direct impact on the way our skin looks and feels. Being that your skin is the biggest organ and we know how much diet and exercise affect your organs... well, good health equals good skin. The dewy glow you see some girls have naturally is a sign of happy, healthy skin cells. You know that glow you get after you had an amazing workout? That workout does more than just burn calories. It also delivers oxygen to your skin, allowing it breathe and become happy, healthy cells. 

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