What Makeup You Should Wear Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Emma Stone Astrology Makeup

From a smoky eye to a red lip, the stars can predict which trend works best for you.

If you're into astrology, even if you're not, it's always fun to read the latest updates. Is Mercury in retrograde? Should I accept this date? Is today the day to make a big decision? Let's be real, horoscopes are pretty addicting. I, for one, can't resist reading that little Sally Brompton column under my zodiac sign (Libra) when I see it in the newspaper. Let's break down each sign and work some astrology into your beauty routines. Who knows, the stars just might align and you can find your next beauty product soulmate. 

Aries: Mascara

You are fiercely passionate and fiery and love to take charge of situations. You're always ready for a battle and strive for new competition; you are fearless. You are generally in a time crunch but always make time to add some intensity to your stare. You never go anywhere without mascara and you've probably got a couple stocked in your bag. 

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Taurus: Bold Lip

You are strong-willed, stubborn and bold. You are known for your tough demeanor and being rebellious. You never leave home without your lipstick, that deep, dark look that's close to your soul. You love to leave kisses on everyone's cheek, marking your territory before going; and hey, no one is complaining about it. 

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Gemini: Eyebrows

You are playful, fun, frisky and sometime a bit mischievous. You have a charming and colorful personality which is what draws people to you. You tend to bring out the best and worst sides of people which makes you dangerous. Your eyebrows are what bring people in and keep them wanting more. 

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Cancer: Blush

If there's one thing to say about Cancers, it's that there is no other sign that will make you smile bigger than she will. You may not show your emotions right away but once those walls are broken down, there's no going back. While you're sitting there making everyone else blush, you should know it's coming from yours. After all a smile is contagious. 

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Leo: Highlighter

You are a born leader and warrior. You are inherently confident and always sport a gorgeous sun-kissed glow. That glow is from your inner fire that burns forever. You tend to stand out and shine. You are always the highlight of the day and attract the attention you crave. 

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Virgo: Foundation

Innocent as can be, you are clever, organized and always well kept. You love looking fresh, clean and immaculate, which is why your skin always bares an even glow.

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Libra: Red Lip 

You are charming and very well balanced. You like to make sure everything is fair and make sure everybody follows suit with your charm. You love to go for the classic red lip while keeping everything else minimal, classically stylish.

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Scorpio: Eye Liner

You are sharp and intense, just like your liner. You are also seductive, dark and calculating. You can take someone down by just the look in your eye. It's no surprise that your eyeliner is always sleek but with a point; to keep everyone blushing when they look at it. 

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Sagittarius: Bronzer

You are an adventure seeker, always on the move, you have a whole travel kit by your side at all times. You like subtlety and to be one with nature, which allows you to take the minimalist approach. You always look sun-kissed after your latest escapades, however when you can't make it to the beach, you grab your trusty bronzer to get that warm effect. 

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Capricorn: Multi-Purpose Products

You are hardworking, dedicated, and responsible. You love to show off how practical you are, even when it comes to your makeup.

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Aquarius: Glitter

Free spirited, unconventional and unique are the words that come to mind for you. You love standing out in a crowd full of people and making a statement. You can't help but pop and you're not afraid to try anything out. 

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Pisces: Nude Lip

You are old school and a true romantic soul. You feel best in a subtle, natural, no-makeup look. You love the mystery and the use of ones imagination which is why you love a clean slate. 

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