Benefits of Primer

If you wear makeup, you should be wearing primer. If you haven't been using primer, you're missing out. Best quote I've read on this topic, "not to prime is a crime". So now that we got that out of the way, let's tackle why we should be wearing primer.

I know the image says 6 benefits of primer but I decided to give you a few more, you know, for extra credit:

  • Say goodbye to your pores -- minimizes the appearance of pores
  • Helps your makeup/foundation last longer
  • Prepares the face for a smooth makeup application
  • Filling in fine lines & wrinkles
  • Reduce redness & wont irritate your skin 
  • Makes eyeshadow more intense & prevents creasing
  • Gives your skin a luxurious & cool matte texture all day long
  • Helps to hide imperfections that your skin has & create the "photoshopped" effect for your skin 

So there you have it, primer is actually a godsend. If you haven't used one, I'm here to tell you-- What are you waiting for, product recommendations? I got you covered, some of my favorites are listed below:

Smashbox, Photo Finish Primer - First one I ever purchased & still a favorite

Guerlain, 'L'Or' Primer - Just too pretty to pass up, extremely hydrating & a must try.

Pixi, Flawless Beauty Primer - Received it in an Ipsy Monthly Package & OMG! I'm in love. You can also use this as a brightener, works really well because it has some shimmer to it. 

Benefit, The Porefessional Mattifying Gel - Basic, clean & easy.

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