Cara Delevingne Glitter Eyeshadow
Like some fashion trends (think peplums, beanies, wedge sneakers, fake nails), there are some beauty looks and trends that guys just don't get. Believe it or not, guys do have preferences over what kind of makeup a woman wears. Wearing the right makeup can send you straight to a second date, BUT wearing too much or the wrong makeup is usually worse than wearing no makeup at all. Even though a man's approval will never give you the same confidence as wearing what you like, how you like, when you like, we've rounded up some of the top makeup looks to avoid if you are trying to appeal to a man. 
Men don't like when their women shine brighter than them. In all honesty though very few women truly succeed in applying glittery and shimmery eye shadow well, so it's best to avoid it unless you're a professional makeup artist and really know what you're doing. 
Caked-On Makeup
A perfectly clear, bright and even complexion is a sign of good health and youthfulness, two things that make men go crazy. However, sometimes we often go overboard with our foundation, especially now with highlighting and contouring -- remember, contouring was a technique created by drag queens for stage! Using these techniques generally lead to our makeup looking cakey and unnatural. Opt for a tinted moisturizer or a lighter formula as those will appear more natural. Men hate when it looks like you're masking your features. Too much makeup can age you too. You also don't want them to feel like they need to take you swimming on a first date. (See reference here)
Spider Eyelashes
Eyes are the windows to your soul, right? Spidery lashes, first of all, is a makeup mishap and secondly, they make men wince. It looks awkward and creepy. Avoid overloading your eyelashes with mascara, it will make your lashes look like they can crawl off and tend to repel guys. Try to use good quality mascara that doesn't smudge under your eyes and doesn't clump after you curl your lashes and you'll be good to go. 
Sticky Lip Gloss
Dried lips are a HUGE turn off, obviously! Oooey, gooey, glazed lip gloss where a butterfly would land on your pout and get stuck, is also gross. Men are generally afraid of lip gloss but if you choose a non-sticky lip gloss formulas, it may take away some of their silicone polymer fears.  
Heavy Eye Makeup
Don't overuse eye shadow. Men generally like simplicity when it comes to makeup. Avoid layering on the eye shadow. Keep it simple. Use one or two shades at most and pick the ones that highlight your features. 
Bold and Colorful Lipstick
This is my personal favorite beauty trend but men seem to hate it. The richest, densest colors payoff when you're with your girlfriends but all guys see it smeared on to their face and clothes, fearing a clown mouth and a dry cleaning bill. By all means, picking that right shade of red will definitely get you that prolonged gaze from your man. It's something about the color red that make men just go absolutely insane! 

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