7 Facts About Makeup Everyone Thinks Are True

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These days there's information about beauty and makeup everywhere and when we say everywhere we mean from YouTube to Instagram to television and so much more. They're all good sources of makeup tips but honestly, how do you even know which makeup and beauty tips are worth trying and which ones are just a waste of time? Not all of the advice you see or read about are truly useful and safe. We know there are so many thoughts that accompany the process of putting on makeup -- again, some that are worthwhile and others that we should skip altogether. To help clear the air we've decided to bust the most well-known makeup myths that we all still believe to be true but aren't. 

Myth 1: Pumping mascara gets rid of clumps

WRONG. This is how air bubbles get into the mascara tube, causing the mascara to dry out. Once you dry out your mascara, this causes the formula to become clumpy and will make your lashes look spidery. Pumping your wand into the tube also introduces bacteria which can cause irritation and infections. Next time just swirl your mascara wand around the bottle to get the maximum product out. 

Myth 2: Bronzer should be applied everywhere

WRONG. Bad idea, unless you want to look like a Barbie doll that swapped heads with a friend. If you just go willy nilly and apply your bronzer all over your face and neck, you're going to create a muddy mess. If you're looking to achieve the sun-kissed tan, be strategic about your bronzer application. It should only go where the sun would naturally hit you - think in a 3 formation. From your hairline to your cheekbone down to your chin and jawline. 

Myth 3: Waterproof mascara is for every day use

WRONG. The fastest way to dry out your lashes is by applying waterproof mascara every day. As long as it's not going to rain outside, you're best off using a non-waterproof mascara for your daily makeup routine. Waterproof mascara makes your eyelashes weaker, so save them for special occasions and nights out. 

Myth 4: Makeup causes breakouts

WRONG. Poor hygiene, using expired products, using low quality products can all be the culprit as to why you're breaking out. If you slept in your makeup or didn't clean it all off before going to sleep, that can also cause you to break out. If you didn't wash your brushes or are using the wrong products for your skin type, another reason you broke out. 

Myth 5: Makeup has SPF, no need for sunscreen

WRONG. SPF should always be applied separately. Just because your makeup has some sun protection in it doesn't mean you are fully protected from all of the sun's harmful rays. When in doubt, you should apply more sunscreen. Layering products with SPF is good because it will increase the likelihood that you are being protected but it's always better to add a traditional sunscreen to your morning routine. 

Myth 6: Lip plumpers make your lips bigger

WRONG. They don't actually make your lips bigger. Most of the lip plumpers you're using contain an irritant in it that causes your lips to become red and inflamed which can be mistaken for a beautiful pout. They usually contain cinnamon, caffeine, hot pepper, or menthol which will cause your lips to tingle and swell temporarily. It is a misconception that it is a treatment and the effects will last longer or become permanent. The only solution for permanently plumper lips is to get fillers. 

Myth 7: You don't have to clean your brushes

WRONG. Even if you are the only person using your brushes, you still have to clean them. Bacteria will build up on your brushes if you don't clean them regularly and you will end up with breakouts, skin irritation and even infections. For brushes that use cream products like foundation, concealer, and lipstick - you should be cleaning once a week. Brushes that are used to apply eyeshadow or powder based products should be cleaned at least twice a month. 

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