The 12 Best Makeup Brushes to Build Your Perfect Set

What Makeup Brushes Do You Need In Your Kit

These Makeup Brushes Have Your Name On Them, Literally. 

So you got a set of brushes or maybe you're shopping the market for the right makeup brushes for you. You stumble across a page that's just full on clutter and you just don't know. You've done your research, you know that having the best makeup brushes can make all the difference in your beauty routine. Just like a great artist uses paint brushes to create a masterpiece, we use our makeup brushes to perfectly blend, highlight, and contour our faces to masterpieces. The best makeup brushes should be functional and stylish. Our personal favorites are pretty to look at, easy to hold, and have soft but durable bristles. There's a lot to consider when purchasing makeup brushes. What are your application goals? What type of products are you using? What type of application are you looking to achieve? We've put together a makeup artist approved kit of the best makeup brushes, you need to be Oscar worthy. 


Brow brush

If you're looking to fill in your brows, you must find an angle brush to apply and properly blend the powder, pencil or wax. If you can find one with a double end, make sure it's a spoolie -- this will take care of the grooming part of your brows and really give you that au naturale brow you're looking for. 

Dome brush

Secret weapon right here. A great dome brush will up-level your makeup to have that professional look. It's great for blending, creating a cut crease and also applying highlighter to the center of your eyelid for that extra pop. 

Liner brush

If you're a fan of gel liner, you know, to create that perfect cat-eye look, you should definitely invest in a precision eyeliner brush. When looking for a good eyeliner brush, make sure it's vegan and on the stiffer side to be able to hold up and not ruin your handiwork. 

Blending brush

Find a brush that's soft enough to blend your color and dense enough to pack on the pigment. We love a tapered bristle approach which helps create a seamless eye shadow look, deposits color lightly and provides a good balanced application. 

Smudger brush

Look for a fluffy, flat brush that comes to a point when adding a smudger to your kit. It's perfect for adding eye shadow onto your lids, contouring your crease, and most importantly for blending. 


Lip Brush

The only lip brush we use are retractable lip brushes. What we love about them is that it helps avoid a mess, requires zero clean up and allows you to take some product with you to reapply. 


Foundation brush

Make sure it's Vegan friendly so you can use for liquid and cream products. Find a brush that's soft but stiff, this will make the foundation application a breeze. 

Concealer brush

Covering up tired eyes can be tricky, but with the right concealer and brush, it goes on with ease. Make sure your concealer brush is firm but straight to the point, so you can get into those crevices easily. 

Highlighter brush 

Probably one of our favorite brushes at the moment. We love using a small fan brush to evenly dust on highlighter for that pop of light reflecting 

Blush brush

We are totally in love with angled, precision blush brushes at the moment. The shape of the brush makes it effortless to apply blush exactly where it needs to go, on the apples of your cheeks. You barely have to do any work with a tool like this. 

Bronzer brush

A good bronzer brush offers a medium amount of coverage. You want it to be brushed on and make you look healthily bronzed and not like a different person. We love using a brush with a large, fluffy head to help transfer a conservative amount of bronzer to give you the tanned effect that appears natural. 

Powder brush

In a powder brush, we look for something super dense because they tend to absorb less product, which means they leave you with an airbrushed finish. When using a setting or translucent powder, that is exactly what you are looking to achieve.  

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