The Makeup Brushes You Need and How to Use Them

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In the beauty industry, you're constantly building your makeup kit. You haven't reached full blown makeup artist until you've amassed a full collection of makeup brushes and know how to use each and every one of them correctly. Not all of us are professionals or have a makeup brush guide to help us get there, so we're still using our same ring finger to apply eye shadow because the thought of figuring out which brush to use is just plain overwhelming. With all the different makeup brush shapes and sizes out there, it's hard to know where to start. Just think of makeup brushes as fancy cutlery, there may be a lot of them but you only need to know what a few of them are actually used for. Makeup brushes don't come with instruction guides, although, maybe they should. We've rounded up the top makeup brushes you need and how to use them. 

Powder Brush

When it comes to powder brushes, I like the fluffier the better! These brushes are best used to apply translucent powder all over the face to set your makeup. If you managed to score a tighter powder brush, use it to apply bronzer in a 3 formation; where the sun would naturally hit you. You can also use this brush to add a shimmer to your neck and chest.

Blush Brush

This brush is important. Picking the wrong blush brush is what will separate you from looking like you belong in the circus to having that flawless look. Find a blush brush that either has a nice angle that hits the width of your cheek or a lightly domed one with loosely packed bristles. 

Foundation Brush

Foundations brushes are great to apply cream and any wet products since they are generally made using synthetic fibers. Use it to smooth liquid or cream foundation for a streak-free application. 

All-Over Eye Shadow Brush

For applying eye shadow to your lids and brow bone, opt for a little bigger brush with fluffy yet dense bristles to allow you not only to light wash a color but also to build upon it. 

Smudger Brush

A crease brush should be tight and concentrated. I love using brushes with a bit of a point or dome shape because it helps give a shape to your eye. Use this to soften eyeliner for a smokey, sultry look. I also love to use this to target the tear duct/inner corner with a highlighting eye shadow color as well as running it along the brow bone. 

Concealer/Lip Brush

Using a flat brush head is the way to go when you're looking to spot treat your face for added coverage. This brush can also double as a lip brush to get the concentrated lip effect and color you desire. 

Eyeliner Brush

Use this brush to easily line your lashes with gel or cream liners. You can also use a little water with your eye shadow to make it eyeliner approved. 

For Extra Credit:

Brow/Lash Groomer

The dynamic duo! Use this to comb & tame your eyebrows while also de-clumping your lashes from any mascara. 

Fan Brush

This is one of my newest additions and one of my favorites. Use this brush to dust on highlighter along your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose and on your temples. You can also use this to apply setting powder under your eyes to prevent any fallen eye shadow products from sticking. Fun fact: you can also use this to paint on your lashes for the no-makeup look. 

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