Makeup Artist Techniques

New Year, new me, right? How about New Year, same me, new techniques? That sounds better. In life, there is always room for improvement and our daily beauty routine is no exception. Get your brushes and makeup ready! We've rounded up some of the top makeup application tips that will guarantee basic beauty routine success. 

Using too much concealer

With concealer you really want to get the most bang for your buck. That means, you want to use as little product as possible to get the most coverage. Build thin layers of concealer under your eyes, close to your nose and use a concealer brush to buff out the edges. 

Not cleaning your brushes

We're all guilty of this from time to time. Even if you don't care about the bacteria the brushes will carry to your face, causing you to break out, know that they will affect your makeup application. Not only will the color be different and mushed together, but you won't be able to get the precision you're looking for because the bristles are already overloaded with pigment, blurring your perfect lines. Extra credit: Comb through the brush with a fine-tooth comb to remove even more product. 

Complicating your eye-makeup routine

Do your brows and eye makeup first because this will set the mood of your makeup. Do all the eye stuff first before you apply blush or lipstick so you don't ruin the makeup you spent the last half hour working on. 

Ignoring your upper waterline

Having that space between your lashes and liner is a big no-no. Make sure to apply liner in your waterline and allow it to dry. Take a cotton swab and rub it along your waterline to dry it completely. This will remove any remaining moisture from your eye and set the liner in place.  

Putting blush in the wrong place

Blush can make your look instantly energized. Hopefully you're not just swirling on two clown like circles on your cheeks and heading out the door. Smile, then apply blush from the apples of your cheeks along your cheekbones to your temples, this will lift you up. As always, make sure the color is well blended and doesn't go all the way up to your hairline or under your cheekbones; let's leave that '80s look in the '80s. 

Using the wrong lip liner 

Don't just line the edge of your lips like that did back in the '90s. Even if you think your lipstick will cover it up, remember, lipstick fades and will leave that unflattering ring around your mouth. Opt for filling in your entire lips instead-- this will give you a durable, long-lasting pout. 

You're using the wrong light

It might feel silly to do your makeup sitting on your porch, but that will give you the best results for makeup application. Always aim to put makeup on in a well-lit room, in a space that is most similar to your destination. 

Sleeping in your makeup

You've been told it's bad but still do it anyway. It doesn't just cause break outs, sleeping with a dirty face will age you. Rewind. Sleeping with a dirty face will age you. Yes, we wrote it out twice so you could let that sink in. Trust us, if we knew all along that a clean face was the key to youthful looking skin, we would have created better habits years ago.

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