Makeup Checklist
Makeup is a total confidence booster but can also be the most daunting task. The burning question on everyone's mind is always "is there a right order when it comes to applying makeup?" Think about it, you spend a thousand years putting on your primer, foundation, setting powder, bronzer, concealer and well, you look in the mirror a few hours later only to find that everything you put on this morning slid right off. It all comes down to the order in which you're applying your makeup. Even if you're putting on your products correctly, if something is put on out of order, it can throw the whole makeup process off. Have you ever tried putting eye shadow on after you already put eyeliner only to find that your eyeliner completely disappeared? We've come up with an easy-to-follow makeup checklist. 
  • Moisturizer - Totally non-negotiable. Massage it into your skin and then give it a few minutes to set before moving on to the next step. 
  • Primer - Primer holds all of your makeup in place, minimizes pores and gives it lasting power, Make sure it goes on before any other cosmetic; don't forget lips, face and eyes. 
  • Eyeshadow - Eyeshadow will cover up liner, so be sure to apply it as the first step in your eye routine. Eyeshadow will also start to build intensity. If you plan to use cream shadow, make sure to give it some time to set before applying any other eye products. 
  • Eyeliner - Apply liner in a smooth line over your eyeshadow and then smudge out for a smoky eye look. Liner will also help tidy up the lids. 
  • False lashes/mascara - Mascara will only get in the way if you apply it first. Save it for last in your eye routine. 
  • Concealer - Apply concealer to cover up and blemishes or spots that may show through your foundation. 
  • Foundation - Give your face a smooth base with a light foundation that matches your skin tone. 
  • Translucent powder - If you plan to transition from cream to powder products here, make sure to always apply translucent powder to make the transition smooth.
  • Bronzer - Brush some bronzer across the places on your face that would naturally get hit by the sun; we recommend in the 3-formation.
  • Blush - Highlight your cheeks with blush on the apples of your cheek to bring some life back into you. 
  • Highlighter - Just a little on top goes a long way. Hit the top of your cheekbone, browbone, down your nose and a little touch on your cupid's bow. 
  • Setting powder - Use a setting powder to hold everything in place you just did. 
  • Lip liner - Applying liner first in your lip routine will give your lipstick, gloss or lacquer something to adhere to. 
  • Lipstick - Start your lips with an even coat of lipstick or lip balm. 
  • Lipgloss - Finish off your pout with a matte or shiny lipgloss. 
  • Makeup setting spray - Finally, the last step! Spritz on a setting spray all over your face to help your makeup last. 

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