Liquid Lipstick

You woke up early this morning to get a head start, put makeup on, only to find out that by noon your lipstick is completely gone. Transferred to your coffee cup and smudged along your lips but you have an important meeting and need to touch up. *REWIND* instead of putting on your grandmas lipstick this morning, you actually grabbed your new, hot liquid lipstick; a fresh change of pace from the classic stuff. You had your coffee, you're ready for your meeting and you found out that liquid lipsticks do. not. budge. Think about it, you can eat, drink, kiss, even get stuck in the rain without an umbrella and you still don't need to worry about a mess coming to your lips. While all of this sounds amazing, liquid lipsticks can sometimes be tricky and they definitely play by their own rules. We're here to break it down for you. 

Prep is key.

Because liquid lipstick drys to matte, it is important to prep your lips properly. Before applying liquid lipstick, exfoliate your lips with a clean toothbrush; this will remove any dead skin. Make sure to moisturize your lips using a non greasy, matte lip balm for extra hydration. 

You don't need a lot.

One of the best tricks to liquid lipstick is to clean off the wand on the inside of the tube before applying it. This will give you more control over the application. It's always better to start with a smaller amount and then add as needed, especially because they tend to set and dry quickly.

Don't smoosh it. 

Somethings our moms all taught us is when you apply your lipstick, smoosh your lips together and voila! We're here to say NO to this trend. Think of liquid lipstick like paint, in order to achieve that smooth application you have to let it dry as is. Once you smoosh your lips together, it will cause streaking and disturb the process. If you must blend, softly pat your lips with the pad of your finger. 

You can't apply it in 2 seconds.

And you need a mirror. Don't expect to just slap it on and run out, you need some patience with liquid lipstick. 

Bring in backup. 

Once liquid lipstick is set, there's no going back. Make sure to have a lip liner, lip brush and a good concealer on hand to help tackle any mishaps. Using a lip liner in a complementary shade will help define your lips. You can also go in with a lip brush and concealer to clean up the edges. 

They're hard to get off.

12 hours later and that liquid lipstick you applied in the morning still looks amazing, hasn't moved but now it's time for bed. Try this easy trick, pop on some vaseline, use a textured wipe and swipe. The texture in the wipe will help get the color out of the cracks and crevices of your lips while the vaseline gives the liquid lipstick something to adhere to. 

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