10 Genius Tricks for Your Best Looking Lipstick Ever

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Pucker Up.

It's been a long time since lips and lipstick have been the center of attention in the makeup world. Wearing all black? Pair it with a red lip. Lipstick really does count as a fashion accessory that most women can't do without. It has the power to make or break your outfit. On one hand, it can transform your whole look with just one swipe of color. On the other hand, if you don't wear it properly, it can be gone by your first sip or bite. Let's face it, nobody wants to show up to *insert night out here* only to have your bold, gorgeous lipstick be gone in 60 seconds or start bleeding and feathering. The struggle is real. Are you really getting the most you can out of your favorite lipstick?

1. Apply lipstick first, add lip liner later.

Especially since you're probably planning on matching your lipstick and your lip liner, it's better to swipe on the lipstick first and then line the rim after, getting into the cracks and crevices your lipstick didn't get to. Your lip liner with go on more smoothly and really blend into your lipstick. 

2. Find your perfect pink with a smile. 

You read that correctly. If you're unsure what shade of pink will work best for you, just smile. The perfect shade of pink is right there. It should be about the same color as your gums. You can go a little darker, but not lighter. If you do go lighter, it probably won't show up on your lips. 

3. Create a custom shade.

Don't be afraid to mix lipsticks together, in fact, do it! Turn any lip color into a shimmery new shade by adding a golden gloss on top of your lipstick - this will instantly warm up any color. We're here to tell you, shimmer and gloss are BACK!

4. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. 

You read that correctly and we don't just mean water. Yes, water is a definite must but also one of the first things to do when applying your makeup is to apply a balm to your lips. We're not talking just your lips, be generous. Applying past the lip line, on to your skin, nothing will happen. Leave it on there as long as possible and blot it off before applying your lipstick. 

5. Lock in that lipstick. 

You may think this is only done for the rest of the face, but girl... we're here for you. Use a sealant like Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip (Shop Now) over your color to give it staying power. That baby will stay in place forever! Fine, maybe not forever but it will make it last for a really long time. 

6. Make your own stain.

Turn any lipstick into a lip stain. After applying your lipstick, make sure to blot the excess lipstick. Grab a tissue and your loose powder. Tuck the tissue between your lips and apply the loose powder over it. Reapply your lipstick. Blot again to remove the excess oils and there you have it, a natural, long-lasting look. 

7. Conceal for a pop.

To really make your lips pop, apply some concealer to the edges of your lips. This will also clean up any excess and also make that color really pop on your lips. Use a slanted brush to apply to just the outside rim of your lips. 

8. Fuller lips without filler. 

If you want your lips to look pouty and full, use a slightly lighter shade of lipstick on the center or your upper and lower lips. This will create some dimension and the illusion of a fuller lip. Add some highlighter to your cupid's bow. Over-lining the very bottom of your lower lip will also make your lips appear fuller. 

9. Keep lipstick on your lips, not your teeth.

This is the key trick to ensuring your lipstick does not transfer to your smile or teeth. Form an "O" with your lips, put your index finger through the "O" and slowly pull out. Voilà, all the lip color that was so patiently waiting to get on to your teeth are not on your finger. 

10. Work your way outwards.

Exactly the opposite of what you're told to do when going to a nice restaurant. When applying any shade of lipstick, start at the center of your lips and blend the color outwards towards the corners of your mouth. Starting at the center allows you to saturate the area, then rub your lips together and the color will fade into your natural lip line. 

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