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Kissable Lips? Right This Way

Lip gloss has come a long way from when we used to wear the Lip Smackers as kids. Over the course of our lives, we've tried so many different glosses, the good, the bad, the smelly, and the sticky. These days, glassy lips are all the rage; they are undeniably sexy and trendy. You can find them tinted and highly pigmented which makes them today's game changer. The best part about lip gloss is that we've been using it so long that we even know how to apply it with and without a mirror. Added to that, the lip gloss industry has since perfected the formula and while it may not have the artificial fruit smell, it now has a long-wearing affect along with tons of colors and they won't cause your hair to stick to your lips when the wind blows. We've rounded up our top tips for buying and applying lip gloss to get full use of your new and improved gloss. 

Exfoliate Your Lips 

One of the most important things when applying makeup in general is the prep work. If you want to make the product last, you must put some effort into proper lip preparation. In the same way you'd use a lip scrub followed by a lip balm, you should do the same before you apply any type of lip gloss. Applying daily lip balm before you sleep has been a game changer. 

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Pick the Right Shade

Unless you're looking for that patent leather looking lip, always find a good sheer bright or dark hue. Going with an opaque gloss is like setting yourself up for failure. It's almost impossible to keep them in place and not run everywhere causing you to look like a mess.

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Choose the Right Formula

Choosing the right lip gloss matters when you want it to last. As much as they be a get annoying, the stickier the lip gloss the longer it will last. Also, if you apply a lip stain underneath, the color will stay put even after the glossy finish fades. Otherwise, you can fill in your entire lip with lip liner and apply the gloss on top to create the illusion of a long lasting product. 

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Protect Your Lips

Wearing lip gloss is like slathering your body in oil and sitting in the sun. You must protect your lips! Before applying anything, make sure to apply sunscreen or an SPF lip product underneath your gloss to prevent sun damage. 

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Application Matters

Don't rub your lips together - this pushes the lip gloss outwards and will cause a feathered, unfinished look. Instead of applying lip gloss like you would lipstick, put some of the gloss on the back of your hand and using your ring finger, gently press the gloss on to your lip area. 

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