Set Foundation

You put on your primer, your foundation, even your concealer and it all looks great. You're excited and want to keep going except you're missing the most important thing to guarantee long lasting makeup -- powder! 

Translucent powder reminds of that rotisserie infomercial -- Set it and Forget it. One of the most important things to look for in a translucent powder is to make sure it goes on undetected, leaving no evidence behind. Make sure to choose a powder that doesn't weigh you down. 

A trick I like to use when applying translucent powder is to press it into my skin while the foundation is still dewy. Pressing it will prevent the foundation from spreading or streaking & will allow it to stay on all day. 

Translucent powder is colorless which allows it to work well on every single skin tone. It also minimizes shine & gives you a flawless, poreless finish that will leave you feeling gorgeous. 

Some of my favorite Translucent Powders:

Laura Mercier - Translucent loose setting powder

RMS Beauty - "Un" Powder

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