How To Properly Curl Your Lashes

by Alice Labaton | May 30, 2017 | 0 Comments

Lash curling

Today's Tip Tuesday is all about the proper practices to curl your lashes.

▫Apply top liner using liquid, pencil or gel.

▫To prep for lash curler I always have my eyes focus on a point a little lower than eye level. ▫Using the lash curler, as seen in the bottom image, start at the base and grasp all of your lashes.
▫Test the curler by slightly adding a little pressure to ensure you didn't grab your skin. ▫Press down on the handle (make sure it is NOT digging into your cheek, point away from your body).
▫Pulse for 3 seconds at a time and release, repeating this for 4-6 times.
▫Touch up your eyeliner if necessary

▫Apply mascara and voilà!

***PROTIP: NEVER APPLY MASCARA BEFORE CURLING! This will cause the curler to adhere to your lashes and pull them out.***

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