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Today's Tip Tuesday teaches us about this one mistake that is ruining your mascara. Nobody wants clumpy lashes and while there are so many hacks and tricks on how to fix clumpy lashes, we're here to teach you the hack that fixes it before it happens!

One of the biggest misconceptions in makeup and something we see all of our moms doing, is pumping the mascara wand into the tube thinking that somehow MORE mascara will be on the brush. We're here to tell you, THIS IS FALSE! Pumping the mascara wand into the tube actually pushes air into the tube (which creates bacteria) causing the mascara to dry out, clump and flake; now we know, nobody likes a flake. Instead, give the mascara wand a nice twirl, like you'd see a ballerina do, while it's still inside the tube to pick up some more product.

Another best practice is to dab off the extra product found on the tip of your mascara wand upon removal from the tube before applying to your lashes. This will help avoid any clumps to be transferred to your lashes. 

When choosing a mascara, it's always best to use more than 1 since they have so many different purposes. Sticking to 2 or 3 is the way to go and you always want to build on the previous mascara. Also, choosing a waterproof mascara to seal the deal is the way to go!

Some of our favorite mascara's include:

Too Faced, Better Than Sex - best for volume & fullness

Lancome, Grandiose - best for lift & volume

Benefit, They're Real! - best for lengthening & volume

Lancome, Hypnose Waterproof - best for volume & thickness 

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