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I think Michael Jackson's song "You are not alone" was really talking to all the people that suck at eyeliner. The good news is that with practice, you can only get better. Once you get acquainted with which eyeliner to use where, the sky is the limit. We're not even talking about wings here, sometimes you just need help drawing a straight line. When you have the steadiness and hand-eye coordination of a drunk baby panda, you have to find tricks to help achieve perfection. We've rounded up the top tips and cheats for easy cat eyes, straight lines, and smudge-proofing liners. You may look a little weird doing them but for the perfect line, we think it's worth it. 

Choose Eyeliner Wisely

Maybe it's not you, maybe it's your eyeliner! The first thing you need to know before you start is the basics of eyeliners. 

  • Pencil is definitely the easiest to apply. 
  • Gels are generally matte and glide on easily. They come in a pen or pot form.
  • Liquid are used for precision and usually come in a tube with a brush or "pen-style" with a felt tip. They generally take some time to dry after applying.

Liquids are prone to wobbliness, pencils to smeariness. Gel liners are great for starters because they are easy to apply and are very long lasting. 

Erase Mistakes Strategically

Smudged eyeliner happens, especially when you're a first timer and using something like a liquid eyeliner. When you slip, rather than taking it all off, dip a Q-tip in either an oil free makeup remover or your primer, even a moisturizer will do the trick and using the small head as a tiny eraser.

Connect The Dots

Instead of trying to be a hero and trying to create the perfect line in one single swoop. opt for playing connect the dots. Try starting with a pencil liner and applying small dots close to your lash line. This will give you a base when you want to go in with a liquid or gel liner because you've just made a little easy traceable puzzle for yourself. Small strokes allow you to have more control and get a more precise line.

Set It With Shadow

This is extremely important to do for your bottom eyeliner. After lining with pencil, trace over them with a coordinating eyeshadow color. Eyeliners tend to be oily so following it up with a shadow prevents them from budging or smudging. Think of it like applying setting powder to your foundation, anything wet, you need to set. 

Sharpen The Lines With Concealer 

A dab of concealer can work wonders for fixing smudges and cleaning up and reshaping any eyeliner mistakes. Dip a small brush in a little bit of concealer; remember, a little goes a long way. 

Slow And Steady

If you have an unsteady hand, like myself, best to place your elbow on a flat surface and/or rest your pinky on your cheek to give yourself some stability. It's also never a good thing to try this after you've had your third cup of coffee in the morning. Just saying. 

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