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One of the biggest beauty trends that Kim Kardashian put on the map is the art of contouring. The most asked look for makeup artists to recreate is the no-makeup Kim Kardashian mug. Now, if you know anything about Kim Kardashian or makeup, you'd know that in order to achieve the Kim K look -- getting your skin to look chiseled, lean and expensive, it requires makeup, a lot of contouring, highlighting & sculpting. We've rounded out the top tips & tricks to help you reach a Kardashian-level of blended perfection. 

Use the Right Shade, Texture and Formula 

Using a matte shading cream or powder and a highlighter is really all you need to start. Contouring with a cream product will give you that more natural finish that doesn't look like makeup. When selecting a formula, make sure you stay consistent. That means using only cream or only powder products from start to finish - foundation to blush. Layering different textures can cause a caked-on look and won't blend seamlessly. 

Always choose a shade that is only one shade darker. Choosing anything more will stand out too much and look obvious. We also recommend staying away from anything too red or orange, go with something that has a grayish cast. 

Don't Contour Everything

Want instant cheekbones? Suck your cheeks in to find where you would naturally hollow out. Then, working from the top of the hollow, shade along and just a little under the sunken area. Blend well. We cannot stress that enough, blending is key here! To slim your nose, blend two lines from the start of your brows down the sides of the bridge of your nose with a small shadow brush and blend it. It won't magically change the shape of your face, but it will certainly add some definition. 

Layer Your Product

Rather than trying to accomplish this look with one sweep, try layering it on slowly. This will allow you to have control and decide how deep a contrast you want to achieve. After all, it is so much easier to add than take away when it comes to makeup. 

Avoid Products with Shimmer

A good highlighter will be almost the color of your skin with just a bit of sheen. Avoid anything with shimmer, glitter or sparkles as it can look chalky and unnatural. For fair skin, a pearlized shade works best whereas with medium and darker skin, opt for something with a warmer more golden undertone; this will give you a more natural non-pasty look. 

Balance with Highlighter and Blush

Highlight goes hand in hand with contour. You cannot contour properly without highlighting. Once you finish contouring, you need to bring back some light into your face, which is why we highlight. To properly highlight, click here for our every day girl guide to finding your inner glow. 

Same with highlighter, you need to add a nice, soft blush to bring some warmth back into your face. Adding a bright blush will give you that retro stripe you never wanted and leaving your cheeks completely bare will give you that zombie effect. Finding that right shade, apply to the apples of your cheeks for a natural flush. 

Use More Than One Brush

You want to start off with a medium-sized angled brush. Make sure the bristles aren't too compact or tight because you don't want it to pick up too much product; opt for a looser-bristle brush to create a more subtle look. Then with a clean brush or beauty blender (clean is the key word here) go back and blend like you've never blended before. The smaller the area, the more time you should spend blending (think of the nose). A clean brush will allow you to really have control of the product and will give you that security so you don't get a dirty look. 

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