5 Ways to Highlight Without Highlighter

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Hate Highlighter? Keep Reading...

I'm blind! That's how I feel sometimes when looking at the heavy strobing technique. Seems that almost every beauty brand has come out with a slew of highlighter palettes, each one more iridescent, and unicorn-looking than the next. They come in all different formulas, from powder to liquid, from cream to jelly - you name it, they make it. Makeup trends come and go, but a glowing complexion will last forever. When people see glowing skin, they think of healthy skin. If highlighters make you feel like a disco queen, we have great news for you. You can achieve that great skin look without all the shimmer and shine. 


Good skin starts with proper skincare, especially great makeup remover and moisturizer. Before applying any makeup, prep your skin with moisturizer, under eye cream and lip balm. Wait five to ten minutes before applying anything else so it all soaks in. This will help you achieve the lit from within glimmer. Moisturizers tend to have the right consistency for instant radiant complexion without turning frosty and keeps your skin hydrated.  

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Face Oil

My new favorite addition to my skincare routine is face oil. It guarantees that your skin keeps an intense glimmer even when you're makeup free. A good face oil will give you the ultimate glow without missing a highlighter. 

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Choosing a foundation that has a shimmery finish is one way to give your entire complexion a healthier, more radiant boost. Using a foundation brush to apply the foundation will also evenly disperse it onto your skin. 

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An illuminating primer can either beam through your foundation to give your skin a subtle glow or you can wear it solo and really stand out with that J Lo glow. Make sure you opt for a primer that's intended to enhance radiance which will give your skin an illuminated appearance while also keeping you hydrated. 

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Lip balms are totally fair game. Anything clear or shimmery is just as well suited to use for highlighting purposes. Dab a versatile balm, not a sticky version, onto the top of your cheekbones to get that dimensional effect. If you decide to go with a sticky version for that extra glow, just make sure to wear your hair up or in a pony or else you may look like a hot mess. 

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