Headshot Makeup

Who doesn't want that perfect profile picture? How about the perfect headshot? We all know that today a headshot is your business card, first impression, your most important selling tool; whether for a job or your online dating profile, you want it to be just perfect. Most people are worried about lighting, expression, backdrop, and wardrobe but for today we're all about the super important ingredient -- makeup! For headshots you want a natural makeup look. Do not skimp on details, your face is front and center, so you'll want to make sure your makeup application is spot on. We've rounded up the top tips to help you look better before you pose in front of the camera. 

Foundation: As we always say, make sure to match your foundation to your natural complexion. Opt for a matte, liquid foundation as it provides a more natural finish. Don't try to hide freckles, moles, or wrinkles under a heavy coat of foundation. This will show in the picture and isn't a true representation of you. 

Highlighter: In person, go all out, get your shine on. In pictures? Not so much. That dewy look you love so much will only make you look oily and greasy in pictures. If you really want to add some, just hit your high points -- cheekbones, brow bones, down the bridge of your nose, cupid's bow and done.  

Blush: Go a drop darker than you normally would. The warmer tone on the apples of your cheeks will come off as appealing and welcoming. Make sure to blend well because you don't want anything to come out splotchy in pictures. 

Concealer: Remember, a little goes a long way. Make sure to use the right shades, color correctors to help cover those dark circles under your eyes.

Liner: One of the best things you can do to make you look more awake and peppy is to line your water line with white of neutral liner of you lower lid. It will also absorb any redness you may have. After you line the bottom lid with a white or neutral color, go back in with an angle liner brush and a taupe or brown color shadow to embellish the liner. 

Eyebrows: Don't forget these guys. Make sure to line and define your brows as they shape your face. We know brows come in all shapes and sizes but if they need a little juicing up, by all means, fill them in but don't go overboard. 

Shadow: If you are planning on adding eyeshadow, make sure it is blended well and go with neutral tones just to enhance your eyes. Apply some white or cream shadow to the inner corner of your eyes to make them appear bigger. 

Lashes: We do not want to have spidery, long, voluminous lashes for our headshot. The right lashes will fill in your lash line and suit the shape of your eye. If you decide to go with false lashes, just remember, don't be afraid to trim a strip and if you feel confident enough, using the individual lashes will give you the more natural look. 

Lips: The color of your lipstick should be similar to your natural lip color or a shade darker. Using your ring finger, pat a lighter color lipstick or lipgloss onto the center of your bottom lip and add a touch to your cupid's bow. This will make your lips look fuller. Skip lip liner for the picture as it will make your lips stand out from a mile away and less natural. 

SMILE! Your makeup is on fleek and you're ready to rock your photoshoot. 

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