Halloween Makeup Guide: How to Take it All Off

How To Remove Halloween Makeup | My Makeup Brushes

Wash and Learn.

So you have your costume all picked out for tomorrow night and you can't wait to smear on the makeup you bought to copy your favorite Halloween beauty tutorials. Everybody knows makeup is the single easiest way to take your costume from meh to OMG! That is AMAZING!! The only buzzkill about it all is that by the end of the night, you probably just want to pass out and deal with makeup removal process tomorrow. To be real, it's more trick than treat. Halloween might be the night you can let your inner demon loose, but you should be back to your normal self by the next morning. Rather than face the Halloween Walk of Shame - because we all know there's nothing like walking into your office with some leftover green paint on your face to really exude that professionalism, we've gathered the tops tips and tricks to prevent that from happening. 

Do the Bare Minimum.

If you learnt anything from the above it's do not, we repeat DO NOT go to bed without doing anything to your skin. Leaving it all caked on your face, especially oily Halloween makeup will leave your skin marinating in makeup, oil and bacteria all night long. The least you could do is grab an oil based facial wipe and do a little scrubbing to break down that stubborn makeup.

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Use a Face Oil.

In a general beauty routine, face oil is one of the last steps. When you're wearing stubborn oil-based makeup, we like to apply the face oil before cleansing. Yes, you read that right.Straight up face oils can loosen heavy makeup, especially the stubborn, heavy, waterproof formulas, without ruining or irritating your skin. Gently apply a few drops, massage it into your skin and proceed with your regular cleanser.

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Micellar Water is a Must.

If you're looking for a makeup removal miracle, you just found it. This liquid French favorite cleanser is basically just water that's been power charged to attract dirt and makeup. The best part? Even when removing lots of makeup, micellar water doesn't require any rubbing or tugging, it does the work for you. Oh and it's not like regular water, it doesn't dry out your skin. 

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Hydration is Key.

Once you've cleansed, and cleansed, and cleansed some more you must hydrate. To reduce your chances of any skin irritation in the morning make sure to find time to moisturize, my friends! Find a moisturizer that will help lock in the water and provide you with long-lasting hydration. 

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If ALL Else Fails.

So you went all out; fake blood, body glitter, stained skin, face paint, even prosthetics. Well, we've got you covered.

  • For the full beat look: If you feel up to it, enlist a power tool to finish the job and remove every and anything that was left behind.

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  • For face and body paint: Swap your makeup remove for coconut oil to help dissolve any paint while moisturizing and calming the skin. Baby oil is also a great trick to help get rid of those nasty stains that were left behind. 

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  • For glitter, glitter everywhere: We all know that chunky glitter can be quite a pain to remove. Use a quality lint roller over your body for a swift, instant solution. For items that were left behind on your eyebrows, use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to loosen and remove it.
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  • For waterproof makeup: Cold cream! It literally melts away full-coverage makeup in a snap. Massage a small amount all over your skin, you'll watch as it quickly loosens your makeup and wipe it away with either a wipe or cotton pad.
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