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Back In The Gym? Get The Healthy Workout Glow

Okay, so your New Years resolution was to hit the gym more regularly like so many others. If you're one of the many people out there who have actually managed to drag yourself to the gym then 1. we applaud you, and 2. do you take your makeup off before you go? I bet you never thought of that. A few extra minutes in the locker room can make all the difference in keeping your complexion healthy, hydrated and breakout free. Think about it what it might be doing to your skin, the mix of makeup and sweat? It's not great. 


Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize

Truthfully, it's more important to wash your face after a workout but before is always good too, especially if you're wearing heavy foundation. Follow it up with a toner and lightweight lotion. If you plan to workout first thing in the morning, you can skip the cleanse, tone step. When you exercise, your skin loses water leaving it dehydrated. If you forget to moisturize before and/or after, you may be opening yourself up to breakouts- UGH. Additionally, if you planning an outdoor workout, add SPF into the mix. 

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If you can go without, that is always the best option. When you workout, your skin tends to sweat and secrete sebum (oil) and other toxins. If you're wearing foundation or any other heavy makeup, it tends to block your pores and cause congestion which will cause more breakouts. Tinted moisturizers and mineral powders are the way to go if makeup is a must. 

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Goes without saying but might as well. Invest in a good, long-lasting deodorant, you don't want to be the smelly one in the class. 

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Try, I mean really try to avoid touching your face when working out especially if you are doing cardio and weightlifting. The machines breed bacteria, so it's best to keep your hands off your face and skin. Always wash your hands before and after a workout. 


I love wearing a headband or low bun when it comes to working out. If you choose to wear a headband, just try to keep it on your hair and less on your forehead. Keeping it on your forehead can block or absorb the perspiration and sweat which can result in clogged pores.


Cleanse, Exfoliate, Moisturize

The main thing here is to get the dirt, grime, and sweat off of your face and skin. Whether you decide to go for a full on cleanse or you have to run out the door, make sure to cleanse. Cleansing wipes, while they are not the best choice for the skin, they are good enough for post workout when you're on the run. Whenever possible, applying cleanser to your face and washing it off is always the better option.

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Make sure to exfoliate! This keeps your skin looking fresh, will remove any makeup residue, sweat and oil that might have been blocked in the pore lining.

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MOISTURIZE!!! After working out, your skin may be red and flushed due to the heat your body excretes from working out. It causes your capillaries to be dilated and raises your internal temperature which is turn makes you look flush. You want to calm and soothe the skin to take the pressure off. If time allows, apply a thin coat of a gel-based mask to help alleviate some of the heat and calm the skin down even faster. 

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Drink Water

If you've just finished an activity that gets your heart rate up, like spinning, hot yoga or any cardio class, keep your water bottle handy. Your body loses so much water and moisture, you will need to keep hydrated post-workout for you skin to recover properly.

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