Jessica Alba wearing gel mask
We're not really sure what happened to spring but it's obvious summer is here. While it may be thrilling to finally slip into those light weight, cute, flowy summer sundresses, our skin couldn't be less excited. Summers' stifling temperatures are beginning to take a toll on our complexions, persuading our t-zones to produce more oils, making our cheeks blotchy, and just overall making us appear drier than ever. Good news, there's a cure (and a mask) for every ailment. Give us ten minutes and a few trusted ingredients and your skin will feel revived and have the glowing appearance you so missed. Face masks are a multi-tasker's best friend. Not only do they deliver serious beauty benefits fast, but you can also get stuff done while wearing them. Check out Jessica Alba sporting some patches in the picture above. Plus they're also really fun to take selfies in.
Dry Skin
We all get a little dry in the summer for obvious reasons, want to wake up to hydrated, supple skin? We've found just the thing. Water-gel masks with hyaluronic acids instantly quenches dry skin and contours your skin for optimal absorption, leaving your skin feeling hydrated to the fullest. 
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Sun Spots
Yes, it's summer and yes, our sun spots all become a little bit more apparent. Even if you're wearing sunscreen, those brown spots can still develop. Keep applying your daily SPF. When looking for a mask, find one that's packed with vitamin C or hydroquinone to naturally brighten skin and help fade those dreadful sun spots over time. 
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Oily Skin 
One of the most common skin issues that surface when it's humid outside is oily skin. It causes unwanted acne, clogged pores and many other annoying skin care issues. When looking for a mark opt for a formulation with clay or charcoal infused one to fizz out the dirt and debris caught in your pores. 
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With temperatures and rosé intake on the rise, redness is inevitable this season. Finding a nice soothing, calming mask to smooth out the blotchy appearance is what you're looking for. For a quick trick, apply an ice cube to the roof of your mouth for immediate relief while masking away. 
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Dull Skin
Sun; such a love hate relationship. While it may make us look all beautiful and tan, it will also dry out and dehydrate your skin, stripping it of its moisture and removing that luminous glow you once had. Think of a deflated balloon, it doesn't shine as well as an inflated one. That's your skins current state. 
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