Eye shadow primer necesssary?

After last weeks makeup primer post, I wanted to delve deeper into eye primer. Some common questions are:

  • Why do I need eye primer?
  • Can I use my foundation instead? 
  • Does it really do anything?
  • Can I use face primer as an eye primer?
  • Which one is the best?

Eye primer is most beneficial if you plan on wearing eye makeup. Like face primer, its main goal is to keep your eye makeup (think; shadow, liner, etc.) exactly where you put it. One of the worst things I've seen happen is what I call the moon; when you apply eyeliner and over the course of a day it seems to have created a moon on the top of your eyelid -- USE EYE PRIMER! A good primer will also help keep your shadow from creasing. The best backup, should you run out of eye primer is to throw some concealer under shadow.

Not everybody needs primer but if you notice your eyelids getting oily throughout the day, your shadow creasing, liner moving or anything not lasting long, then an eyeshadow primer is probably what you're missing. 

Some of my favorite Eyeshadow Primers:

Nars - Pro prime smudge proof eyeshadow base

Too Faced - Shadow insurance

Urban Decay- Eyeshadow primer potion


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