How to Get Perfect Everyday Brows

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Shape up. Get awesome arches. 

Brows have been the center of beauty attention for a few years now. Over the last couple of decades we've seen many different eyebrow trends; from the super skinny to the waxy, braided and feathered brows. As you may remember, our current bushy brow obsession started with Cara Delevingne (pictured above) and created this influx of "brows on fleek" memes. Rightfully so, brows are one of the biggest transformations you can make to your face. Framing the face and drawing attention, brows are an integral part to your overall look. People have been trying to predict when this "trend" will fade, seems like strong brows aren't going anywhere anytime soon. When it comes to eyebrows, you need to find the right shape for you and embrace it. If you're looking for a new brow style to experiment with, you're in luck. 2019 is shaping up to be the year of the free-spirited brow. We've rounded up the top tips to get you that perfect everyday brow look.

Back to Basic

You'll hear this everywhere and it's probably going to be one of the hardest things to do but hands off your brows for three months. This will allow your eyebrows to fully grow back to their natural shape before you start to groom them. By constantly removing hairs in an effort to improve your brows, you are actually doing the exact opposite of what needs to be done.

Hair is Hair

This may sound strange but treat your brows like the hair on your head. Studies have shown that brushing your brows with a spoolie brush helps keeps hairs in place, exfoliates the skin and increases blood flow. It also encourages hair growth, which is exactly what we want to get the perfect natural brow. Looking for help additional growth help? Make sure your diet is on track, take some biotin, or apply some castor oil. 

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Fill in Where Necessary

Brows give you character and the most important thing to understand is not what a perfect brow looks like but what your perfect brow looks like. By minimizing the amount of makeup you put on your brows, the texture of your hair pops and instantly creates a more natural looking, beautiful brow. If you have sparse areas, best to use a powder to full in your brows as it gives a more natural look. Pencil is great for filling in a few hairs that may be missing. 

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Pick the Right Shade 

Tinting is a great way to bring your brow to its fullest natural state. It picks up all of your baby hairs and coats every hair with an even tone. If you're unsure of the tone, lighter tones are always more forgiving and not as harsh looking. If you have dark brown hair, go for a light to medium brown color. Remember, brows are there to complement your face, not overpower your features.

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Add Dimension

It doesn't matter if you use a pencil, pomade, or powder to help fill in your brows, one of the most important, and final steps are to seal it all together and add dimension back into your brows. The last thing you want are your brows to look like brown blocks  that were drawn on. Finish your look off with a quick stroke of some brow gel.

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