Dry Skin? Here's Your New Routine.

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Say "Bye" To Dry With This Tailor-Made Beauty & Skincare Routine.

Less than two months left of winter 2019. Thanks to cold temperatures, dry indoor heat, and the dehydrating effects of taking a long, hot shower to warm us up, we're fighting an uphill battle. Winter is such a fun time for our skin. During these frigid months, your precious skin suffers from dryness, flakiness, dullness, and breakouts. Cold weather skin is basically the worst. We've rounded up the top tips for keeping your skin in check during these last few months of winter along with some makeup tips on how to apply makeup when your skin is dry and flaky. Welcome to a better world. 

Cut Down On Your Shower Time

I know you don't want to but hot water is actually the enemy of dry winter skin. Whether you decide to take a long or short shower, you can decide but at least swap your sudsy body wash and cleanser for a cleansing oil that's moisture rich. 

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Choose Cream Over Lotion

The best way to protect your skin this winter is to seal it and heal it. Choose a moisturizer that locks in the moisture and provides protective benefits while still letting the skin breathe. Creams often contain more oil than water which makes their formula thicker and better for the frigid winter months.

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Rub 'N' Buff

No matter how many creams and serums you apply, if your skin is dry and flaky, it needs some light exfoliation. It may seem counter-intuitive to exfoliate when your skin is so dry but it's a crucial step in achieving glow-y skin year round.

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Say Yes To Face Masks

The one product you must add to your winter must-haves is a moisturizing mask. Masks are always great, but using one right before bed is even better for your complexion, since your skin is already naturally working to regenerate itself. 

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Have Fun Mist-ing

Moisturizing when your skin is wet or just slightly damp is a must these days. Using a mist will help get your face slightly damp, so your moisturizer has some hydration to lock in. It's a small thing, but makes all the difference when you're ready to apply makeup and head into the cold, dry wind. 

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Don't Forget About Your Eyes

Swiping on a little eye cream under your concealer is a must. The effect is brightening and slightly pearlesant, and it leaves a layer of moisture that keeps your concealer from sinking into your fine lines which create that crepe-like look. 

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Cream Instead of Powder

We're talking about everything from foundation to lipstick. You hear and see everybody always talking about switching up their beauty products between seasons, well here it is. Do a complete overhaul and swap out your powder formulas for creams, you'll be surprised by the outcome. Your skin will be much dewier, and your overall complexion will look healthier. 

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