5 Habits That Make Your Dark Circles Worse

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Dark circles and puffiness are just plain annoying and bothersome, but what's really to blame? Is it our habits, allergies, genetics or maybe all of the above? We all know the skin around our eyes is 10 times thinner than the rest of our face, so it definitely needs extra care. Even if you're using the most effective eye cream to camouflage or the best concealer to hide those dark circles, your sneaky habits are having a sabotaging effect. Dark undereye circles can sap the light from your whole face. If you're reading this then you've probably Googled "best way to get rid of under eyes" more than once and you'd probably do almost anything to get rid of them. We've rounded up the top habits you need to break because they are only making things worse for that extra baggage. As a bonus, we've also added some beauty helpers to help diminish the darkness and open up your eyes.

Not applying sunscreen

And yes, we mean daily! You already know this is a big no-no but if you don't apply sunscreen, especially to the upper and lower eyelids, which *to reiterate* have super thin skin, then you will have sun damage. This will cause loss of elasticity, dullness of skin and hyperpigmentation. 

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Washing with hot water

Many people wash their face with hot water, we're here to tell you don't. It worsens puffiness and will accentuate dark circles. Try for lukewarm water instead and try to avoid hot steam. We know, we know, waking up in the dead of winter, splashing hot water on your face is a guilty pleasure but if you want to avoid extra under eye baggage, you will refrain. Cold compresses, on the other hand, can help reduce swelling and shrink any dilated blood vessels.

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Not caring about your diet

This may seem trite but if you're not eating and drinking properly, it will show in your eyes and face. Excess salt from the night before results in the body retaining water and shifting fluids around. Furthermore, if you are not drinking enough water, you become dehydrated. This leads to the skin under your eyes looking thinner and more fragile that leads to everything under the eye showing more prominently. Drinking enough water keeps your skin healthy and plump. 

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Constantly rubbing your eyes

We know this feels amazing but if you knew the repercussions, you probably would think twice next time. Rubbing your eyes can cause capillary damage and inflammation, which make dark circles worse. This applies to when you need to remove your makeup. Make sure you are not using a wimpy makeup remover that's causing you to rub and rub to get the eyeliner and mascara off. 

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Misusing products

You may think retinoids are your best friend but like everything in life, abusing it is a no-no. Too frequent application can leave you with red, flaky rings around your eyes that turn brownish or grey as they heal. Also, long-term use of strong retinols will thin the already delicate area. Use eye creams, daily and hydrate the area for a better, plumper, long-term affect. 

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