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Cream makeup has a reputation for being difficult but cream makeup is just misunderstood. You're probably thinking of those heavy, greasy formulas you used to see grandma use. Today's versions couldn't be prettier or easier to use. Just remember, when choosing makeup formulas, keep it simple and choose one. Creams blend on creams and powders blend on powders. Trying to blend powder on liquid is like trying to blend on sticky tape. It may look blended but in a few hours your bronzer will darken from the dampness and leave you looking splotchy. Naturally, creams give you a more youthful glow whereas powders provide the more matte velvety look. If you’re looking for a hydrated, dewy, luminous skin, you’re in the right place. We've rounded up some pointers on how to best apply these cream products on your own without looking like an extra in an old David Bowie music video. 


Foundation: Foundation got its name for a reason, it sets the groundwork for what’s to come. This is where it all starts. If you want that dewy look of creams, make sure to choose your base makeup accordingly. The youthful finish created by a liquid product can appeal to someone with fine lines, as long as you work the product back in as it starts to crease.

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Blush: Cream blush tend to be heavier than powders, so you must blend them. Blend twice as much as you think you need to and don’t rub the color in using circular motions. You’ll end up looking like a cartoon with two brush round circles. Instead opt for a chisel blush brush and pull the blush out using short strokes. Remember a high impact hue can be applied lightly for a subtle wash of color.

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Highlighter/Illuminators: We don’t need any more convincing for these products, they’re in our makeup case for good. Cream highlighters are designed to create a subtle effect as it blends into your base. This adds to the dewy, youthful appearance you’ve been going for. They work best along your cheekbones and on your body. They’re so subtle that nobody will even pick up that you’re wearing it. They’ll just think you have the healthiest skin ever.

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Eyeshadow: Colored lids are always on trend, depending on the season, the colors change. This product isn’t leaving our beauty routine any time soon. Looking to create that smoky eye on a Saturday night only to have those specks of color fall from your lid under your eyes? Well, that’s where cream shadow comes in. Not only are they quicker to apply than powder but you also don’t have to layer this product as much. They’re super long lasting and just be sure to apply a cream primer on your lids before. Layering powder shadow over a cream shadow will give your makeup extra staying power while still appearing natural.

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Lipstick: Always use a lip brush to apply creamy lip colors, it gives you more precision. If you don’t have a lip brush, you can always substitute with a concealer brush to achieve an opaque application.

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