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Nothing says icon like a signature bold lip - think Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, and Gwen Stefani. It exudes a sense of power and sexiness at the same time; that's why the first rule of bold lips is to be brave! Be outrageous! Be bold! A bright, bold lip screams "I'm confident and sexy and I know what I'm doing." That's why bold lips are one of our favorite accessories. It's quick, easy and look-defining, and best of all, there's an option for every skin tone. We know your favorite lip shades have been waiting to be used for months now, so to help bring sexy back *queue Justin Timberlake*, we are bringing you the top tips you need to know before you start applying that bold lipstick.

Start with a clean slate. Bright, bold colors will highlight every little crack, crevice, and flake that can be found on your lips. Make sure to exfoliate your lips by using a soft toothbrush; this will get rid of any dead skin. Then apply a nice lip balm like Aquaphor and let it sink in (about 5 to 10 minutes) before applying your lipstick. Blot off any excess. 

Define, line and conceal. Applying concealer to your lips beforehand will create the desired clean slate for your lipstick. Then with your lip liner, go in and define your lip, making sure to fill in with either that lip liner or even a lighter shade for the center. 

Experiment with color. Most bold lips come from a myriad of colors mixed together. You can mix and match different colors to achieve your desired bold lip. Using a good, sable lip brush will give you the precision & definition you're looking for. 

Try a stain. One of the best hacks to completing the perfect bold lip is to seal it all in with a stain up top. This will allow you to avoid constantly reapplying and worrying about your lips. 

Prevent lipstick from bleeding. Once you've finished applying your lipstick, go in with your concealer and apply a tiny border (blended, of course) around your lips to prevent the bold lip color from running or bleeding. This is also an optimal time to do any clean up work and get that perfect line you were looking for. 

Avoid lipstick on the teeth. Favorite tip of them all is right here, ladies and gentlemen. One of the worst things that could happen is you've completed this amazing bold lip only to find out halfway through the night that your bold lip made its way to your pearly whites. Listen up! Put your finger in your mouth and close the lips around your finger. With your lips stick closed, gently pull your finger out. Doing this will remove all of the excess lip color that would have ended up on your teeth, onto your finger. 

Set your look. Like everything else,we like to use blotting papers to remove any excess oils. What's great about blotting papers is that it will leave behind the color pigment and will not compromise your bold lip. Another great tip is to powder the lip line slightly before applying your lipstick or stain so it has something to stick to. 

Maintain your color. Bring a little of the lip color with you because once you set your liner, you may only need to fill in the middle of your lips. Carry a retractable lip brush loaded with your lip color, close the cap and you're all set to retouch throughout the night. 

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