How to apply blush

Everyone knows blush is supposed to go on your cheeks, but where exactly is the trickiest part. It was probably one of the first products you stole from your mom's makeup bag, swiped it on and got that bright pink, glamorous grown-up look. You'd think after all those years of applying blush we'd have our technique perfected. When done right, it's like having your own personal lighting crew. It should also make you look youthful and fresh, like a princess. When done wrong it can make you look clownish and older. 

Do you make any of these common blush mistakes? Keep reading to see 6 mistakes you're probably making and how to fix them to get that perfect, natural flush look.

Mistake: You're applying it to the roundest part of your cheeks

Fix: When I first learned to apply blush everybody always said to smile and apply blush to the roundest part. Later on, I learnt that you should only lightly apply powder or cream blush over the apple of your cheeks. Whatever is left over, gently sweep it up and away, towards your ears. 

Mistake: You're not taking your face shape into account

FixFor ladies with an oval face shape, apply blush to the apples of the cheeks in upward swipes. For round faces, wear the blush along the cheekbones to create a natural looking contour. For heart-shaped faces, apply blush right under the apples of the cheeks. And for square-shaped faces, focus the blush right on the apples of the cheeks.

Mistake: You're only using it on your cheeks

Fix: To make it look more natural, try applying some blush as eyeshadow. It tends to tie your whole look together.

Mistake: You're using the wrong color

Fix: Proper blush is supposed to mimic the actual color of your cheeks when you get flushed. It should be the right tone & intensity. When done right, it's just a subtle compliment to the rest of your makeup & goes unnoticed while enhancing everything else. Picking a shade of blush is just as important as your foundation color. Something to dark or too bright can make you look older, try to go with a more natural look. The best way to find your natural blush is to pinch your cheeks; that natural color that appears should match your blush. 

Mistake: You're using the wrong formula

Fix: Women with drier skin, should opt for a cream blush because it will work to moisturize and hydrate while giving you that flush look. Women with normal or combination skin will benefit from a powder blush. If you have really oily skin, opt for a cheek stain instead. 

Mistake: You're applying too much or too little

Fix: Too much of a good thing is not good in this case. With blush you want to keep the color soft and flawless. Start off light because you can always build on the color until you get that flush look you're looking for. Make sure to blend - key to any good makeup application. 

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