Foundation Tools

From sponges to brushes to fingers, everybody wants to know, which one's the best? Like everything else in the world of creativity, there is no wrong answer. If you're a rule follower, this has got to get you going crazy! Whether you're working with liquid, cream or powder, finding the right brush is not always easy. Which finish are you looking for? Ultra-natural, barely there coverage or full coverage? So many options and I'm here to help you figure out which one works best to help you achieve that flawless look you're looking for. 

Beauty Blender: You remember seeing those little pink sponges all over Instagram & YouTube videos? Well, that's one cult I'm joining. That sponge is the best way to achieve the flawless look with maximum coverage you're looking for. When using a beauty blender, the most important things is to wet it, squeeze any excess water out and then bounce the foundation across your face. This process is very build-able meaning if you feel a second application is needed, go right ahead and you will still achieve that airbrush, streak free application. Make sure to wash after every use.

Classic Tapered Synthetic Foundation Brush: The classic foundation brush helps you achieve precise coverage to a specific area of your choice. It'll definitely feel like you're the new carpenter in town but will also give you an even finish. You'll also find that you're using less product than you would if you used your fingers and will get that desired light to medium coverage.

Buffing Brush: These come very densely packed & allow you to buff the product on to your face for a very heavy & full coverage. Because the bristles are so tightly held together, the brush does all the work for you, just gently swirl it around your face and watch your makeup blend to perfection. For extra coverage, tap the brush on to your skin to help add more product to those desired areas.

Stippling Brush: This brush can generally be found in duo-fiber; meaning it's a mix between natural and synthetic fibers. The marriage between these 2 fibers are just amazing; the synthetic fibers job is to lay the foundation while the natural fibers go over it and gently buff and blend out the foundation. This brush offers a more lightweight, even finish.

Flat Kabuki Brush: A flat-top kabuki brush offers you similar benefits to the buffing brush. It allows you to get that full coverage look because the brush comes so densely packed while also buffing out the foundation to be undetectable. These brushes also ensure that you remain 100% streak-free and have the flawless look every time! 

Fingers: If you find yourself brush-less & none of the above are around, have no fear! Your fingers can be used as an applicator for cream & liquid foundation. The warmth of your fingers will help melt the foundation into your skin allowing it to glide on seamlessly. Dotting the foundation on to your face and then gently blending it out with the tips of your fingers works best to get that desired coverage.

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