Over the last couple of decades we've seen many different eyebrow trends; from the super skinny to the waxy, braided and feathered brows from 2017. As you may remember, our current bushy brow obsession started with Cara Delevingne (pictured above) and created this influx of "brows on fleek" memes. People have been trying to predict when this "trend" will fade, seems like strong brows aren't going anywhere anytime soon. When it comes to eyebrows, you need to find the right shape for you and embrace it. We've rounded up all the ways you've been sabotaging your own gorgeous eyebrows without even realizing it. Remember these tips before your next brow shaping session.

Filling in your eyebrows. Most people go overboard with filling in their brows and try to make them look uniform; brows are not meant to be uniform. Having an individual look is what grabs peoples attention and gives you personality. When you minimize the amount of makeup you put on your brows, you get to really see your natural beauty. Instead of filling in your brows, opt for a tinted or clear brow gel and brush those babies up. Add some powder to fill in the areas needed to enhance your shape. This will add softness to your brows instead of the harsh look you generally achieve with a pencil. 

Black is NOT the right shade. Many people just opt for the darkest color and think it will match their brows; WRONG. Like hair, eyebrows are made up with different shades, best to buy brow products that are a shade or two lighter than your actual hair. This will look more natural and less harsh. If you have highlights, match the color to your lightest strand for the most genuine look. Tinting is also a great way to bring your brows to their fullest natural state. 

Plucking in between appointments. I'm all for self-care but too many times we take it into our own hands trying to maintain our eyebrows that oops, we got tweezer happy and over-tweezed, AGAIN. Allow them to grow in a bit, brush them, exfoliate for ingrowns and condition them with some castor oil, vitamin E and aloe. Use a spoolie with some castor oil and brush -- this is a great natural hair health and growth treatment for your brows. 

If you must tweeze in between appointments follow these steps:

  1. Don't over-tweeze in the center. Widening the gap between your brows can make all of your facial features appear wider. 
  2. Don't tweeze before showering. A nice, hot, steamy shower will open up your pores and soften the hair follicle so hairs can glide out easier. It will also limit redness and irritation. 
  3. Don't tweeze during your period. This is the most sensitive time, holding off until after your period has ended will avoid any extra painful hair removal sessions. 
  4. Don't tweeze multiple hairs at a time. This will cause over-tweezing because it will not be accurate. This can also create a sparse-looking brow --no, thank you!
  5. Use quality tools! Choose tweezers with slanted edges rather than a pointed tip; they tend to be easier to maneuver. Stainless steel tweezers are a go-to, best to avoid metals that can irritate delicate skin. 

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