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Beauty blunders happen to the best of us, and ALWAYS at the least convenient time. Ever oversleep through your alarm on the day of your job interview only to have to quickly apply your makeup in the back of a bumpy cab ride? Since we're usually strapped for time, especially when a mistake happens, taking everything off and restarting is generally not realistic but once you recognize the mistakes you keep on making, they will become completely avoidable and in turn, your makeup application will look more polished. Nobody wants to be Tyra Banks in this When Bad Makeup Happens to Good People advertisement. 
Applying Makeup with Your Fingers
Aside from your hands being one of the most unsanitary parts of your body, simply because it touches everything, they are also full of natural oils. While this may sound all nice to have natural oils applied directly to your skin, what actually happens is that it creates a streaky makeup application. Opt for a brush or sponge-like applicator to properly blend your primer, foundation, concealer and any other beauty items. 
Leaving Excess Mascara on the Brush
When you take your mascara wand out of the tube, there is always a clump of mascara that follows on the end of your mascara wand. You do not want that clump to transfer to your eyelashes, so best to quickly dab the end of the mascara wand onto a tissue to remove the clump. If a tissue is not available, just simply scrape it along the top of the mascara tube to avoid transfer to your lashes. 
Throwing Products on Your Face
Everybody is into the contour, bronzer, just sunbathed look. Yes, this does sound amazing but applied incorrectly and your face will just look dirty instead of sun-kissed. Remember, a little bit of product goes a long way. If you don't have time to blend, either opt for a lighter shade that will blend in or skip it altogether. 
Leaving Your Lips Dry and Damaged
If your lips are dry and flaky, you must exfoliate before applying any type of lipstick. If you don't, the lipstick will just call attention to how flaky your lips are and who's going to want to kiss that? Scrape your lips gently with a dry toothbrush can get rid of the flakes. This will not take off the dead skin but will circulate blood for a natural plumping effect. If you find yourself very dry, apply some lip balm first, leave for a few minutes until your lips are soft, blot with a tissue and then apply your lipstick. 
Mismatching Your Foundation to Your Neck
Blending your makeup on your face is important but more and more people forget about their neck. Make sure that whatever you apply to your face-- primer, foundation, bronzer, blush-- you also apply to your neck. It takes an extra couple of seconds but it's so worth it and will give you a more natural looking result. 
Using Old Makeup Products
If your makeup is really old, it is past its prime, you will end up with dried flakes on your cheeks, eyes, lips, *insert beauty product here*. Aside from the products being old, they tend to build up bacteria which will get transferred to your skin and cause you to break out or worse. 
Leaving Your Eyeliner Uneven
Yes, applying eyeliner can seem like a daunting task but nothing makes your makeup look sloppier than an uneven line. If you don't feel comfortable just yet using eyeliner swap your liquid for a gel, cream or pencil that way you can blur the line as they are more forgiving. Remember to start small because you can always go bigger.  

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